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Cait's Beginner guide to Spirit Tales (FAQ) [Copy this link to quote]


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Can someone move this to the training grounds forum? (Since I'm blind)

So i'm bringing a rather large group with me to this game, and i wrote a mini guide/FAQ to some commonly asked questions..

It has my other MMO's terminology, but perhaps it will help others out too.

Note: Im a noob at this game, so i may have incorrect info. Feel free to correct it if its wrong ^_^. This is a basic guide only~

My provider has been very flaky lately, so check back later if it's down.

Questions addressed (With screenshots)

1 How do to register?
2 How to download?
3 Which Server?
4 User Interface
5 User Interface Explained
6 Mini Map Explained
7 How do I interact/whisper with someone else?
8 How do I make it easy to chat? / Get rid of that 2nd window?
9 What are the hotkeys / keyboard shortcuts?
10 How do I change my hotkeys and other settings?
11 Where do I find Banker / Item Girl / Teleport NPCS?
12 Where do I find Pet Banker / Weapon/Armor Seller / Guild/Clan NPCS?
13 How do i do a Guild Quest to earn HAX exp and EXP for our guild?
14 How do I change my spawn point when I die?
15 How do i change my clothes colors?
16 How do I buy/sell stuff at an auctionhouse?
17 How do I capture a pet?
18 How do i separate items from a stack?
19 Where do i get accessories (Hat, Belt, Ring, Necklace) and costumes (and wings)?
20 What are Achievements/Badge exchange?
21 Where do I find a dungeon?
22 When I equip an item, it changes to "Bound" and i cant trade it anymore! Can I unbind it?
23 I cant figure something out / Im lost! HELP!

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Awesome guide, thanks! I'll add this to the Training Grounds Archive.

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1. How to do register?

Should be "How do I register?" xD

Other than that, nice work.

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