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As soon as you use the website/forum or log into the game, you're agreeing to the Koramgame Terms of Service and Spirit Tales forum & in-game rules. This thread will summarize the game's rules but keep in mind that Koramgame reserves the right to change/update them.

Breaking any of these rules can lead to a frozen or banned account judging by severity and the specific rule without compensation for any losses.

If you need to discuss the rules, report a player or remedy a frozen or banned account, please contact customer support:
Support Center: Question Form

1. Keep your password to yourself!
It is crucial that you do not share your login information with anyone else because you are responsible for anything that happens within your account. Staff members will never ask for your password, the only time you should be typing it is to log into an official Koramgame website or the game. Koramgame is not responsible if someone gained access and as a result you've lost some things or your account was penalized for their rulebreaking.

To keep your password safe, you should maintain your computer with an anti-virus, firewall and/or other anti-malware products. Make sure to do some research before choosing one. You can also view this thread for more tips:
Account Security Attention!

2. Do not use inappropriate text.
Using inappropriate text means doing so in the various chats, character creation, pet naming, mail, profile, vendor or any other area where you may input custom text. Inappropriate text includes obscenities of any kind (bypassing the filter), advertising gold-selling or other websites that break the rules, excessive spam, impersonating staff or other players, baiting a player to react negatively, anything hateful, threatening, sexual, racist, violent, or offensive. Since you could easily upset another user with your text, you should try to avoid saying anything remotely offensive.

If someone is harassing you, please do not respond to it, especially if you're planning on returning the harassment. The responsible thing to do (if you do not want to ignore it) is screenshot the offense, blacklist the offender and report it to Customer Support. Offensive behavior is against the rules in any situation and against anyone (players, mods, GMs, support, Koramgame itself, etc). Players found guilty of this are likely to be penalized with a temporary or permanent ban depending on severity.

Please keep in mind that insulting Koramgame, especially with strong language, either on the official social media pages (i.e. Facebook), forum or in-game can result in punishment. If you have any issues, you can send in a ticket at any time or try to contact a staff member here through PM.

3. Avoid suspicious behaviour.
This is probably more of a piece of advice than a rule, but you should try to avoid doing anything that may get your account flagged for investigation. Doing something like giving away your account, an excessive amount of items or in-game currency will read as suspicious behaviour and will likely get investigated.

If someone offers to give you their account, this is best to be avoided because they can decide to report you for hacking and cause further trouble. If you're innocent, you will always be able to talk to customer support about your case, but it's a hassle and you're better off playing safe in the first place.

4. Do not sell or buy anything for real currency or items outside of the game.
Everything from accounts to game content belongs to Koramgame, thus trying to sell or buy anything for real currency or items outside of the game is forbidden. A popular example is selling/buying gold which will earn you a quick ban. This does not apply to purchasing KCoins on the official Koramgame website.

There will be some cases where trading content for in-game currency or items is also prohibited. In regard to promotional codes, you can give them or receive them for free, but buying or trading (for any currency, including in-game money and items) will lead to a permanent or long ban.

Buying anything from a third-party is a risk and Koramgame is not responsible for any loss from those transactions.

5. Do not use third-party tools.
Using any third-party program or tool that will either play the game for you or alter the game's coding or natural gameplay is strictly forbidden. It is legal to AFK pet farm and there is an auto-attack feature implemented but that's the limit of it.

6. Do not abuse bugs, glitches or exploits.
Bug, glitch or exploit abuse can be traced and offending accounts will face punishment. If you discover an abusable feature in the game or an event, please report it to Customer Support as soon as you can. This matter is taken very seriously and can lead to a permanent ban.

7. Do not send in false reports to Customer Service.
Whether forging evidence, lying, or trying to hide a part of a conversation that proves your own guilt, there are numerous ways for Customer Service to determine if your report is not honest. You'd not only be wasting their time, but causing trouble for someone that may not deserve it. Anyone found doing this will be penalized.

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