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I'm sure most of you have noticed that the searching function is a wee bit wonky. Okay, maybe a lot wonky! Don't worry, I'll tell you exactly how to master this fickle creature.

Finding the Advanced Search

First, you'll want to be on the main page of the forum. You can go there by clicking the blue "Forum" button on the top of any page. Trying to search using the search bar elsewhere on the forum will notify you that you are not allowed to search.

You can stop here and type in your keywords but it will search the entire forum for only thread titles. If this will not suit your search, keep reading.

Once you are there, you'll need to make a search that has at least one result. I like to click on "Activities" under the Hot search: area to save a little time.

Next, click on the "Advanced" link to be able to get the best experience out of searching.

Searching Posts

Now you're able to make any search you want! Behold the glory that is searching.

The most common method of searching would be typing in a few keywords that appear at any time in a thread instead of just inside the title. Let's say I'm experiencing an error and I want to read through all the threads in the Spirit Tales section that mention errors, this is what my search would look like:

"Full Text" means it'll look for the word in an entire thread instead of just in the title.

I selected the Spirit Tales section so it would not give me threads from other areas of the forum. You can do this by left-clicking a section for a single area search. If you want to highlight more, you can left-click the top section then hold shift and left-click the bottom section. Finally, if the sections you want to search aren't listed together, you can left-click the first section then hold your ctrl key and left-click any other sections you want to highlight.

Other Features

You can play around with the other features to make a more specific search.

  • Author: searching for posts by a certain member. You would type in their exact username to make this search.
  • Thread Range: search specifically through the digest & sticky threads
  • Special Thread: search through threads that have an additional function
  • Time: search for threads/posts that are newer or older than the time you select
  • Order by: choose how you want the results to be sorted ascending or descending by the date of the last post, thread start time, # of replies and # of views.


Unfortunately, even after you utilize the search to the best of your ability there are some limitations.

  • Entering multiple keywords will not search for a phrase. The results will show threads that contain at least one of the words.
  • Results will not bring you to the specific post/s that contain your keywords. You will have to look through the entire thread to find the words you searched for. A good shortcut is using Ctrl+F and typing in what you want to find and scan each page. Search terms are highlighted but this can be easy to miss.
  • Searching is case sensitive so you may not find all of the relevant threads depending on the keywords and their capitalization.

Happy searching!

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