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Suggestion for 2 new campaigns [Copy this link to quote]

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Superior hero's level 80 rebirths
2 new campaigns

1st campaign, have it tied to Ulster campaign.
This campaign should have the start level the same as God of War elite 1st step
This campaign should be 40 parts long.
1st hero should be on the 20th battle.  Lug Lamfada suggest normal damage hero.
        Starting stats should be 140 135 and 120.  Suggest gears needed like black
25th battle have a armor drop preferred 1 part of inquisitors breast or higher
30th battle hero should be Balor the evil, suggest gambit damage hero.
Starting stats should be 120, 140, and 135.  Suggest gear need to be like Merlins
35th battle, have 1 part of sanguaroons moon or better drop
39th battle, have 1 part of thunder cloak or better drop
40th battle hero should be Morrigana,  hero is a magic hero
                Starting stats should be 135 120 and 140.  Gear needed would be normal
                And magic.
41st is legion for 1 part of Hrimfaxi.
Campaign difficulty by legion should be the same hardness as end of elites 4th section

The second campaign tied to this campaign

This campaigns difficulty should be same as 1st level heroic in gods of war and by end legion should be stronger then war of gods heroic level 4
This campaign should be 60 battles long.
1st hero should be on level 40 of this campaign.  Suggest Goll Mac Morna, as a gambit hero.  Starting stats should be 125, 160 and 140, gear like merlin's.
45th battle gear drop 1 part of of Zues’s crown
50th battle hero drop Finn McCoul, as a normal hero.  Starting stats should be 160,130, and 150.  His gear would be normal and magic.
55th battle should be for 1 beast sculpture part need 20 to collect a full piece
59th battle should be for 1 part trinket jewel, need to collect 20 to collect full piece.
Battle 60 should be a hero drop Sadhbh, she would be a magic hero, and her gear should be like merlin's stats 125, 150, and 160.  

Battle 61 legion should be well past another level of war of gods heroic 4th completion. To make this legion challenging, but have the reward be a drop of one of your new pieces of equipment. Total again needed would be 20

The twist for these superior hero's is you need all in line up for special damages like the normal superior hero's.
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The twist for these superior hero's is you need all in line up for special damages like the normal superior hero's.

that means they should all survive the first round,for normal players or light golders that is impossible.

besides that i like ur way of thinking,specially the possible frags...

however : when Maya/Aztec came out shiran/me/several others suggested ( and CoM like the idea A LOT ) there would be dragon-like fights with a possible armor drop/and crown drop.
well u know how long maya/aztec have been around and as u can see CoM still didnt do anything about it.
so i will give u a +15 for trying to improve the game for everyone but sadly i must disapoint u and say : chances of CoM picking it up and work with us are slim to none.
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loller replied at 23-1-2015 23:18
The twist for these superior hero's is you need all in line up for special damages like the normal s ...

we have better chances at winning the lottery.
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