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Item Mall & Capsule Machine Update 26/11/14 [Copy this link to quote]

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Happy Thanksgiving to all our friends in the US! As if we at Spirit Tales need an excuse to provide you with some cool new clothes, items, pets and mounts   Have a look below at the exciting range of things on offer!!

Hand-dyed Can-can Knight Suit + Hand-dyed Band Hat
帥氣手染康康舞騎士套裝 亮麗手染樂隊禮帽02.jpg

Hand-dyed Can-can Dress + Hand-dyed Band Hat
性感手染康康舞女郎裙裝 亮麗手染樂隊禮帽02.jpg

Who can't can-can? I can, can't you can-can?
Can-can Knight Suit - Green + Band Hat - Green
康康舞騎士套裝.清新綠 樂隊禮帽.奔放綠01.jpg

Can-can Dress - Green + Band Hat - Green
康康舞女郎裙裝.絕美綠 樂隊禮帽.奔放綠01.jpg

Matching outfits for boys and girls!! You'll be dancing in the streets with these cool Can-can themed clothes.
Advanced Can-can Knight Suit - Brown + Advanced Band Hat - Brown
高級康康舞騎士套裝.魅力棕 高級樂隊禮帽.浪情棕02.jpg

Advanced Can-can Dress - Brown + Advanced Band Hat - Brown
高級康康舞女郎裙裝.妍麗棕 高級樂隊禮帽.浪情棕02.jpg

A real devil of a fox, and yet still cute somehow...
Epic Can-can Knight Suit + Pet - Legendary Devil Fox + Epic Apple Headwear
百花爭艷秘石.湛藍 寵物.傳說的妖狐 可口史詩蟲蟲蘋果 帥氣史詩康康舞騎士套裝 - 副.jpg

Pet - Legendary Devil Fox

Lion and frog, in the wild you don't often see them together, but we like to do things different here..
Fury Starlight Lion Battle Mount + Epic Frog Raincoat + Epic Frog Headwear
狂嵐的星曜獅王戰鬥座騎 百花爭艷秘石.魅紫 淘氣史詩青蛙雨衣 可愛史詩歡唱蛙蛙帽Fur.jpg

Like a Boss!! Vines twisting on a cushion made of big flowers, decorated with green plants and delicate twigs. Cool or what?!
Fury Floral Wood Battle Mount
狂嵐的鳥語百花戰鬥座騎01Fury Floral Wood Battle Mount.jpg


And that's the Item Mall update for this week guys... Let us know what you think below, we love hearing from you!!

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nice updates! i have some suggestions XD next week the cm will be filled with ALL LEG PETS and huehuheuhe it will be fun

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want to ask the fail rate of learning pet skills. already failed 3 times. Get good skill books are hard enough. But after you got them. just failed to learn. make me don't want to try further.

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