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A Supporty Illuuuuusionist [Copy this link to quote]

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alright so..this is my current build for a hybrid more on the supporty side of a illusionist... ... 5e5eabab4g5c135h55d

keep in mind im still debating  flame soul possessed...

basically what i was going for was a nice  support illu but that can still take care of itself...  

i was debateing flame healing vs recovery fire for awhile but in the end recovery fire won..only because my party is a bunch of scatter bugs and id rather send out waves that could reach them intime (with such an awesome meter range) vs a line..that if they step out of they wont get a lick of heals...SO.  next i went with lunar chop/lighting strike combo..i wanted more in lighting strike because it does a tripple thunder damage within 18meters..its not a simple only 658+ damage its 3times that... so it just seemed down my ally more  im still debateing my summons only because i have 0 idea what the heck they do...there skill description just tells me what level they are and how long they last in i was assuming it was like the sorcs summon...which does helps beat people up with you.. but then all of a sudden theres 2 summons i have to choose from?  the spirit beast summon seems alittle lame unless you max it tbh...or get it atleast to the same level as you..whats the point of having something thats 4levels lower then you...the ram seems more for decoration then for actual damage.. and for this reason ill follow my build and if i dont like it then ill save the lvl 40 water for when im done?  since the lvl 75 cap is coming out in a month im not to concerned with limited points....but iv heard that summons are more for pve not so much pvp.....but anywho any edits on my build would be greatly appreciated..iv looked everywhere for a iv looked at angies amillion times because that seems to be the only dang build... and she made it back when the cap was 50 lol...sooooo im just a tiny bit desperate for any advice my only main consern is about the summons thats the only thing i care to worry about the rest eh im more support then attack so im not gonna have a heart attack about skills...   okay thanksss


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Well the thing is I really don't know much about a support Illusionist build and yes, I noticed that the previous Illusionist support build is pretty outdated, but you can still manage to use it up till lv. 50.
But I've found this one here:
It tells you which stats to go for for your gear and pets, and describes some of the skills, it's made for a hybrid, so both support and able to handle itself in dungeons etc.

So one thing I'd change in your build is getting some Agility, the skill Thunder Bolt which increases Agility Bonus by 15% since Agility affects evade, attack speed and cast speed and you'll need cast speed.

Sadly I can't help much with the summons since I honestly have no clue about those, sorry..
All I can suggest is you try them out, see what they do and which you like the most and then use a Waters of Lethe. That will however end up costing you a bit of gold, but all I can suggest.

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