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Solo Instance / Heal Hybrid Illusionist Guide [Copy this link to quote]

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Solo Instance / Heal Hybrid Illusionist Skill Guide:

Hello there! I noticed there weren't too many guides on the Illusionist yet, so I decided to take the time to create another one for people that like to do instances solo, not rely on too many players, and still want to heal in case you want to have fun with your guild and/or friends.

Alright so the first thing we'll go over is our skill tree and what it looks like by lvl 70 (which is our current lvl cap) Note: That I'll only be covering the first job skill tree as part 1 of my guide.

Follow this link and you shall see!

Main Attack Skill: Lunar Chop
This skill is great! It acts as a semi-AoE and stuns for an awesome duration of 3.5 secs! Almost as good as our Sorcerer's Frostbite skill. ;)

Second Skill: We put our last point into our most minimum cooldown AoE skill: Lightening Stroke. This skill has an 18 meter AoE, which is great since Lunar Chop has a linear AoE which is not as effective as an 18 meter surrounding AoE. Plus this skill does almost the same amount of damage as Lunar Chop and only has a 2 sec cooldown! None the less this last point is not a must into this skill, but I recommend putting it into a practical AoE skill!

Moving on to our buffs now!

Main Buff: Survivor Array
Survivor Array is also wonderful! It has a decent amount of Attack % increase for 12 seconds and can basically be spammed. And not only that, it recovers your SP so you can maintain your Spirit Form longer, and not too shabby for party members either; especially in Time Rips! ;)

Main Buff: Iron Wall Array
This skill is a must for any Solo Illusionist. It acts like a Renewal on a Sorcerer by recovering hp every second. Note that the duration is not as effective as Renewal, so you have to pay attention to your buff's time duration that's left and maintain and spam it. Also, this skill increases your defense too by a whopping 30%. Along with pet merges and decent sigils, this I believe will be very effective!

Side Buff (Very Important): Crisis Potential
Ok... so this skill basically gets rid of any negative buffs from instance bosses. The Skill Simulator says a max of 25% chance of activating, but this is a lot higher in-game just like the chance of rebound on Spirit Form. We'll take it! Just in case it will save us Illusionists during a difficult boss.

Main Healing Skill: Recovery Fire
This skill is great too. If we have to kite a boss and have IronWall Array up, combined with this; it will save your butt! Which will allow your pet to do some good damage and stun the boss while you have time to recover. Another plus side to this, is this will allow you to be a Support in a Party; even better!

Alright so now we've covered all of our "charge" skills. Moving on to our Passives!

The Physician: Spirit Increase by 15%. Definitely good if you want your heals to have a decent amount of increase and combined with pet merge bonus, that'll be good.

Wisdom: It's what it says! 15% additional Wisdom Bonus, which effects our attack power! This is also good with additional bonuses from pet merge.

Celestial Rhyme: 15% bonus Casting Speed. Perfect! We'll need it to make Recovery Fire as spammable as possible, along with our second AoE skill.

Thunderclap Trot: Also a must for any magic user, since this allows us to kite from bosses more effectively. This will give us a 10% additional movement speed.

Royal Thundersoul: This is our passive for increasing thunder type skills damage by 9% aka Lunar Chop, and Lightening Stroke.

Last but not least! Our Spirit Form Skill: I recommend maxing this for a faster boss hp drain and to make our casting speed go way up which will allow us to survive a lot better. Note: That the one on the Skill simulator is not accurate, you will get a much bigger chance of having the chance to rebound damage by 100%. O.O

Equips, Pets, and More:

Casting Speed, Casting Speed, Casting Speed! You will need it to spam your heal to keep you and possible team mates alive and do as much AoE damage, in little time as possible! You can get this through pets, sigils, and equips. The Equips that have casting speed, healing, and dodge. Get'em!

Wisdom! This you'll need to maximize your attack. Also can be obtained through pets, equip stones, and sigils.

Movement Speed! You need this to kite.

Spirit! Don't forget the extra heal power.

One of the things I did not mention is our Critical Hit Rate/Critical Hit Damage increases, this is up to you. If you can get it through pet merge and a different type of equips then I say go for it. Note: That the casting speed, healing, dodge equips from instances and achievement badge exchanges, have a higher defense bonus than the critical hit bonus equips. You need as much defense as possible when you're a "Solo" character, but I am always open to suggestions!

Hope you like my guide, comment, add, and you may correct anything I said that could have been wrong. As I wanted to get this out as soon as possible. My char is still a low lvl, so I may not know as much as some of our higher lvl base community, but please give helpful criticism, it will only add to the build I have thought of. Thank you and have a great day!

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Great guide! Perfect for my new Illusionist! 10/10

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