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Give your suggestions for Thanksgiving! [Copy this link to quote]

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Omg! Double the points from Twilight Arena forever!

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kellow333 replied at 16-11-2013 07:56
Point 2 - Agree. As well as 3 v 3. I would also like to see 1 v 1 as well.
Points 4 - They already ...

based on my observation daily quests and 1man runs only gives good amounts of experience
until you reach level 40... Yes, any experienced player can say its easy
to reach level 55. mainly bcoz they have high level colleauges to join them train
in time rips and immense amounts of golds to buy exp talismans not mentioning
the use of magpie exp orbs and a full pet grinding party when asleep... with the curent population new players doesnt have
anyone to level with and golds to dance the hell out to higher levels... I'm just saying that within the bracket
of levels 45-55. if they can increase the experience gained in daily quests, time rips and CQ's to give way for new
players to catch up on levelling then it would be good. I speak in behalf of the masses of non-spenders of mall coins so I know the feel of
starting from scratches... Mid levels tends to be boring in many ways... Bored players = Quitting players 'nuff said...

pet levelling takes immense amounts of time spent living on earth and has a slim chance on landing good levels of skills and pet quality so if you say its easy try to make a perfect gold pet. 44411

and KORAM please, we need a reasonable arena...  
Non-spenders are Koram Market too

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micoganzon replied at 17-11-2013 08:54
based on my observation daily quests and 1man runs only gives good amounts of experience
until yo ...

Wrong. If you do all story and dailies on each map you can get to level 46 without running out of quests. This can be done very quickly, couple of days playing. Another 9 levels to 55. You do not need orbs , tali's, pet grinding, time rips to do this.

I should know as I made an Illusionist when they came out, which is 6 weeks ago(I think, correct me if I'm wrong). I do not play 24/7, I play 3 evenings a week. The Illusionist is already level 60. I did not fund it with my main at all, I did buy a few orbs but they came from the gold earned by the char. I did not space rip at all(apart from the last 10% from 59 to 60). The only tali's I used were the free ones that come in the dumpling boxes. I did not have clan members do multiple dungeon runs with me. I'm sorry but in my opinion that is fast enough.

As for the pet leveling, I said it was easy and tedious to make the pets. I didn't say it was easy to make a good pet. I prefer it just as it is. If its changed then everyone is going to have yellow pets with high level skills and then then just negates the advantage of having one.

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kellow333 replied at 17-11-2013 04:30
Wrong. If you do all story and dailies on each map you can get to level 46 without running out of  ...

I did that too played hefty for only 3 days doing dailies and reds til level 45 then after that a
sudden slow drag in experience acquired... did levelling for dailies til 46 but due to the boring pace
which takes levelling once a day and the
loneliness of not seeing even a single player on ICS, I've decided to borrow a sweeper from a  clanmate to
boost myself while dancing I lasted 3 weeks on rips then danced myslef for the remaining levels to 60... I can withstand boredness thats why I was able to make a couple of characters but not other people and that boring phase is the main reason why we lack
population in-game. people quit not getting the feeling of excitement coz they
perceive "what more to do if at an early stage we dont feel the game anymore?".
I only want the game to last more and meet new people, not bumping on the same faces since day one of STO. creeps me out LOL

if pet levelling takes an hour for a 4 star then its easy... 3-5 hrs is not...
the easier we level pets the more of them we can evolve... the chances to get a good
gold pet is already low so why not make it easier to level them?... spending days, weeks and months
for trash evolved pets is not fun at all.

non-spenders are Koram market too

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An easier way to obtain Master Pet Dangos
Protection Crystals in the Capsule Machine
An item that gives the ability to extract sigils
Fix the +11 - +15 hammers, i.e. make them obtainable in-game or make the mall coin to hammer ratio lower
Angel/Demon Wing Headpiece
Unbindable/permanently tradeable Epics
Add Epics to Martial Arts Club boxes
Higher heroic drop rates, that is, drop rates, not runs, and I mean a drop rate increase of at least double, because the chances are so low now that even getting ridiculous drop rate boosts makes little to no difference
Another Time Rip for levels 62+
Cheaper clan quests, so low levels can afford them without going bankrupt, might also want to increase the experience reward
The ability to preview costumes from processors
Make purple + purple a guaranteed chance for gold
Make leveling pets easier, seriously, it's a ridiculously boring process and it's making pet prices stupidly high
Can we just merge pets at level 30 or something...? What's the point of waiting so long?
Make special pets (from the CM) generally stronger? The only other reason to get one is the looks, and seriously, 97% of the time nobody is looking at your pet
Make each MAC box give a certain amount of capsule coins. A lot of people receive very little, so it'd be good to get a guarantee of receiving something, even if it's only 1 or 2 CCs
Make the pet arena give more tokens
Make arena 24/7

And all others
Little that I know that I knew just a little.

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Make Great Bear Fists itens stackable!

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This is a Perfect day to get together with family relatives and  friends with lots of fun. Happy Thanksgiving Images to wish your loved ones Happy Thanksgiving

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