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Welcome to EL-TV
Today we have a new episode: Pink Panther in Ghost town.

Starring: Pink Panther (PP)
               King of ghosts (GH)
               Van Damme (VAN)
               The great Dragon (DRAG)
                Muhammad Ali (MALI)
                An ILL Orc (IOR)
                Errica (ERI)
                PP  mom(MAM)              

One day Pink Panther with other panthers went to Ghost town to play.

BUT … all ghosts playing with the other panthers except Pink Panther.

PP : (whining) nobody plays with me...
VAN: the others play better, I can kill them also, but I don't want to do it.
PP: I will go to the King of Ghosts and ask him to help me..
MOR: (whining) Roma wins..
GH: What do you want PP?
PP: Please help me, the others don't play with me..
GH: I can give you my mask, but be careful, you will have all my powers but you ..
PP: Thank you, I will return the musk some day, don't continue, I know exactly what to do.
PP: HAHAHAHA... (evil laugh)
PAT: Baby, I'm home
ERI: I love ya..
IOR: Silence.. I’m trying to pray here.. I’m very ILL..
PP: Now I have the ultimate power. Revenge time..
DRAG: (singing) "Can't Touch Us" (
PP: “I will kill you all  now“
MALI: No, you can't kill us. I'm the King of Ghosts.
PP: I'm thirsty, I need blood.
Starts killing everybody.
VAN: PP don't be SO illusionist. I can only break some arm, not kill them...
PP: I feel the power. I'm the one and only.
Accidentally kills even the panthers.
IOR: PP you must go to the doctor, you're very ILL too.
PP: NOW I have all the power I ever wanted. I'm GOD.

Suddenly she kills her self..

MAM: Weak up Pink, it's time to go school.
PP: OMG, it was a nightmare, Mom, I saw a terrible dream.
MAM: Relax, it was just a dream.
PP: Sorry Mom, I will not do that again..
      I will play with all the children in school and not hitting them anymore..
MAM: Ok, my child. Drink your milk now.
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writte about search look and pikachu

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Ok this one doesn't generate good vote... come on disappointing episode after Dracula in EL... but good effort

KO S16 wutang
Everlight S1 Prophet

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music background 90 = p it took a lot of women at the time

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