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Newbie here need some help =D [Copy this link to quote]

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I just started yesterday and played without prior reading any guides or stuffs and here are some problems i encountered and hope somebody kind enough to help me.

Currently lv23 Guard.

1. Any class guide or something here? I wanted to know my guard skill build and their class advancement also but no luck in finding any.

2. Gold farming guide or tips? Currently have no idea how to earn money at all and dun even know which item worthy.

3. The population in this game is another concern because thus far i met a few players only... Maybe i haven't reach the town square yet?

4. Advantage of joining a guild?

Well for some reason i didn't see any guide section in the forum so ima had trouble in knowing any information about the game. Thanks in advance for those who kind enough to answer my question

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1. - There's no guide but there have been discussions somewhere here in the forums

2. - I think the best way without multiclienting is to do Upgrade with boss pet eggs. You combine 5 Eggs dropped from the dungeons of one kingdom and hope you get a nice pet. Rare pets usually sell for 20 to 40g and mini heroes go from 80g to 150g

3. Town square's in Frost Forest channel 1

4. You get acquainted with people. Some activities require you to have a clan. Clans sometimes host events with prizes for their members

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I bought a 1s mini sood for 350g, though it's just me XD

Few day later i bought a 4s one for 150g lol.

Farming pet gives good income but will take lots of time, it's better to do at later level when you can solo multi dg.

You can either farm area bosses that give 2 weapons or accessories, or run dg that drop weapons (for example dg61 gives you 8~10g per run).

Or take advantage of the craft boosting events on Sat and Sun, they give 7~12g per day depend on your level. So if you have like 6 alt accounts at lv60, either craft artifact or pattern, you can get 60~70g per day. This is good for lazy ass, like me.

Or just throw in your real money and gamble
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Welcome to Spirit Tales!

You can find the list of guides in the Training Grounds Archive here:

Unfortunately, most guides are outdated and while there's some threads that may have discussions they could be outdated as well.

Even if some threads are outdated, I think it's a good starting point to understand the classes so here's a few threads you can look at:
I need help with my Guard-o!
A good Forest Guard Build?
Pvp/Pve Forest Guard Build Magic
Skill build for Guard / Soul Hunting

Hopefully someone will be able to help you out personally. ^^ You can try to experiment and put together your own build using the Skill Simulator here:
You can save your builds and link them to others if you want a second opinion, I recommend using the Web Version 2.0.

Best of luck!

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