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Maintenance Notice (July 25th) [Copy this link to quote]

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MaintenanceNotice (July 25th)

Dear players,

The server s1 s2 are going to beperforming a maintenance update on Thursday July 25th, 19:00-19:30PDT (server time). The devs have beenworking hard on bringing in major updates for servers and fixing existing bugs.You won't be able to log on or play the game during this time, but AFKtraining, resource production, etc, will continue as normal throughout theupdate. (And this time the update will be so large. If we need more time, wewill tell players.)


1.[Promotion] Bequest of Gods

Event Duration:  Beginning after the maintenance until 00:00August 1st


The player is entitled to receivecorresponding Top-Up package when daily recharge reaches a certain amount. The package will randomly give the playerone item out of many possibilities.


Pack- Get a random part of suit

Chest- Get a whole set


a. The recharge amount will be reset at00:00 each day during the event.

b. The player can instantly claim thepackage when his/her recharge reaches required amount.

c. Each type of rewards can be claimed onlyonce by each player per day.

2.[Event] Bonus Rewards of Must-Do

Event DurationBeginningafter the maintenance until 00:00 August 1st


During the event,the player isentitled to receive bonus rewards when his/her Devotion Points in Daily Taskreaches a certain amount.

75 points——1 extra Black Spar

100 points——3 extra Black Sparsand 50 Coupons

3.[Feature] Pet Equipment & Black Market

Black Market


a. Black Market is open for 1 hour at 12:00and 24:00 (Server Time) each Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

b. The player can buy items in Black Market during this1-hour period. The items offered in Black Market are scrolls and materials usedto make pet equips. By completing Daily Tasks, the player can collect BlackSpars which can be used to exchange for corresponding materials.

c. The items in Black Market will berefreshed every 30 minutes, the player can also instantly refresh the items byspending Gold. The items in Black Market are limited, which means you can’t buythe sold-out items. And even if you spend gold to refresh, you may stillencounter sold-out items .

d. Tons of items will be on sale each timethe Black Market descends.

Pet Equipment


a. The player can make pet equipment withthe scroll and materials bought from Black Market.

b. Open the scroll to check the materialsrequired, then buy the corresponding materials from Black Market to make theequipment.

c. You can imbue your beloved pet withawesome power by clothing it with newly-made equip.

4. OptimizedAlliance BOSS

a. The player is only allowed to fightcertain Alliance Bosses.(The Boss level should not be more than 20 levelshigher than the player or more than 20 levels lower than the player).

b. A brand new Lv120 Alliance Boss isadded.

5. Scroll-associateditems in the shop will be taken off the shelves after this maintenance.

6. PetExchange House and Pet PK system will be coming soon!

Work Time: Sunday~ Thursday 6:00 PM~2:00 AM (PDT)

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What a lot of crap.
I just visit the black market, and i bought a scroll purple for  a leopard pendant.
It doesn't say if it is good for def or attack or what ever for result it will have on the pet.
It doesn't say how much materials you need before you buy it.
It doesn't say if you can use a purple pendant for a white or blue pet.
So after i bought it, i could see that i need 23 pieces of materials before i can make it.
Looking to what i paid for the scroll and the first piece of materials i think i need around 125 black spars to get 1 piece of equipment for my pet.
4 pieces of equipment are possible for a pet, 8 heroes can have there own pet, so 8 x 4 x 125 = 4000 pieces of black spars.
I get 4 peices a day so in 3 years i can have all 8 heroes with equipment, as long i don't change for equipments,
You guys are realy insane!!!!
Why not given more information to your players?
What piece can you use for which pet, for which level, what is the advantage of it, and how much pieces of mats do you need to get it.
You guys are forgetting 1 thing!!
If you want to keep your game alive for longer time then you also need to do somethings to keep people happy to play your game.
And not only hunting for gold, that will send people away and you cna close the server in 1 year.
I never played an online game with so much mistakes, which are not solved but just forgotten as part of the game.
1 of the players in wolves is already 3 days not capable of playing his game, the screen is stocked in a fight.
No mod react on his call on help, but you guys still wanna get gold in without giving service for that.
Too bad for words.

I hope you will take notice of this.

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