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Maintenance Notice (June 27th) [Copy this link to quote]

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Dear players,

Theserver s1 s2 are going to be performing a maintenance updateon Thursday June 27th, 19:00-19:30PDT (server time). The devs have been workinghard on bringing in major updates for servers and fixing existing bugs. Youwon't be able to log on or play the game during this time, but AFK training,resource production, etc, will continue as normal throughout the update. (Andthis time the update will be so large. If we need more time, we will tellplayers.)


1. MonsterIsland Optimization

a. Players will be able to unlock an instancepermanently as long as they have cleared the former instance for the prescribedtimes. Or rather, players can enter this level’s instance directly even after thedaily reset.



b. There is a probability for Breed stones and TamingWhips to drop from Monster Island.

c. Discounts havebeen made on the key for Monster Island instances. Its price has been slashedto 10/10/15/20/25/30 gold.

2. [Event]Work hard, play hard

EventDuration: from June 28th to July 4th


During this event, players will obtainvarious rewards as long as they have fulfilled those daily tasks.


June 28th:  Clear any dungeon for 3 times

June 29th: Plunder other players for 10 times

June 30th: Fulfill 15 wins in the arena

July 1st: Complete 10 bounty quests  

July 2nd: Harvest in the garden for 4 times

July 3rd:  Clearany dungeon for 5 times

July 4th: Clear level-90 instance in Monster Island


1st day: 1-point score card

2nd day: 5000 silvers

3rd day: 10000 silvers

4th day: 10 coupons  

5th day: 50 coupons

6th day: Enhancement Stone II*2

7th day: Purple Breed stone*1, Taming Whip*3


Players have to complete the previous tasksto be eligible for the latter rewards.


If you complete the daily task on June 28th,but missed that of June 29th, you will obtain 1-point score card when youcomplete the daily task on June 30th.

3. [Event]The Adventures of Monster Island

EventDuration: from this maintenance to 0:00 July 4th


During this event, if a player has cleared aninstance of any level in Monster Island, the count of “Monster IslandClearance” in this sever will be increased by 1.


If the count of “Monster Island Clearance”in a server has reached 200 times including 200, all players who haveparticipated in this event will be rewarded with a Monster Tamer Package. Orrather, only those have cleared at least one instance in Monster Island duringthis event will be eligible for the rewards.


Monster Tamer Package:

Open: You will get 1-2 Taming Whips. If youare lucky enough, you will be able to obtain another Blue or purple Breedstone.

Work Time: Sunday~ Thursday 6:00 PM~2:00 AM (PDT)
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