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Maintenance Notice (June 20th) [Copy this link to quote]

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Dear players,

Theserver s1 s2 are going to be performing a maintenance updateon Thursday June 20th, 19:00-19:30PDT (server time). The devs have been workinghard on bringing in major updates for servers and fixing existing bugs. Youwon't be able to log on or play the game during this time, but AFK training,resource production, etc, will continue as normal throughout the update. (Andthis time the update will be so large. If we need more time, we will tellplayers.)


1. MonsterIsland:

a. Pet Breeding and Taming features areready for use now.

b. Certain equipment can be fed by playersto their pets. Those equipments include Harmony suit, Vicious and Vengeance suits(Exchangeable in Honor Shop) as well as Emboldening and Adamant suits(available from Alliance Businessman).

2.[Promotion] Sweet teeth

EventDuration: from this maintenance to 0:00 June 29th

During this event, players will get a CandyBox once they recharge accumulatively 200 gold into the game. This event isrepeatable. This is to say, if you top up 600 gold, you will get 3 CandyBoxes.

Candy Box:

Open: You will obtain totally 10 candies ofa random kind.

3. [Event] Belated Father's Day

EventDuration: from June 21st to June 27th


During this event, players will bepresented with 1 to 3 Candy Bags every day if they have fulfilled thecorresponding daily task.


June 21st: Clear any dungeon for 3 times

June 22nd: Plunder other players for 10 times

June 23rd: Fulfill 15 wins in the arena

June 24th: Complete 8 bounty quests  

June 25th: Harvest in the garden for 4 times

June 26th: Clear any dungeon for 5 times

June27th: Clear level-80 instance in Monster Island

Candy Bag:

Open: You will obtain 3 candies, one ofeach kind.

4. The bug that heroes with pets cannothave their battle report replayed has been fixed.

5.Pet-associated items have been added into the wheel of fortune.
Work Time: Sunday~ Thursday 6:00 PM~2:00 AM (PDT)

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What a lot of crap!!!!
First fathersday event is much too late, looks like you are not interested at all.
Second,harvest 4 time in the garden, will cost GOLD.
Third Clear any dungeon for 5 times, people who have no keys will cost GOLD.
Fourth Clear level 80 instance in Monster island, will cost GOLD.

Then the pets are already in the game without any announcement or info before we got them.
The forum on CALLOFGODS, has more info then here, so we took the wrong supplier Koram is just no longer interested in us.
I have been VIP player for the last 2 years, i wont be that anymore, because the quality of the game is getting wurse by the day.

Like all events from the past months it's not anymore to please your players, it's only ment to get as much gold from them as possible.

So this makes me decide also not to buy any more gold in the next weeks.

Gl defs

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Lolz… Inspired by “The Last Days of Pompeii” (written by the baron Edward Bulwer-Lytton), developers are presenting to players series of crappy events under the general title “The Last Days of CoG”…   hehehehehe… lets not forget, incompetence to deal with matters is a natural force equally forceful with Vesuvius…

Expected in a way…

Expected as well is their marketing practice. Try to make as much profit as possible from a product - at the end of its life circle, before it hits bottom!

lolz… ok… I’m only kidding here, for if there was even a faint idea of an e-marketing strategy things wouldn’t have come to this…. hahahaha…

oh well… why bother? As Euripides has said in his tragedy Bacchæ (I.480) “Talk sense to a fool and he calls you foolish”…

Enjoy as much as you can! There isn't much time left!

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I just completed the second day of event, i got another chest with 3 differend candy's.
So i have about 8 candy's on the end of the week and the cheapest thing i can buy with candy's cost 100.
You defs are realy stupid if you think i'm going to buy another piece of candy.

This is the wurest event since i start playing 2 years ago.

No more event days for me.
There must be other games on the internet which are much more interesting, and where i can spend my money.


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