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Item Mall & Capsule Machine Update 05/08/13 [Copy this link to quote]

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With the release of Spirit Tales Circus Grand Opening Event, this week we're releasing the cute circus themed costumes.

Pictured below are the
Magic Jester Outfit and Happy Clown Hat.

高級魔幻馬戲男裝‧果凍綠 高級歡樂小丑帽‧果凍綠.jpg

Below are the Gorgeous Harlequin Outfit and Colorful Clown Hat.

高級絢麗馬戲女裝‧櫻桃紅 高級繽紛小丑帽‧櫻桃紅2.jpg

高級魔幻馬戲男裝‧果凍綠 萬花手染絢麗馬戲女裝 萬花手染絢麗馬戲女裝 典雅手染繽紛.jpg

And except the fantastic costumes, there are also cute Pet - Legend Magic Wangwang and Legendary Surprise Box.


Pet - Legendary Magic Wangwang


Legendary Surprise Coolbox

Also in celebration of Spirit Tales' birthday, players can acquire a free Birthday Cake when they login in the game on 5/10. They can also win the advanced and hand-dyed cakes from the Capsule Machine.

高級生日蛋糕.草莓紅 精緻手染生日蛋糕.jpg

Okay, so much for the costumes. Here comes the mount part. This week, the new mount is Fire Rosefinch Battle Mount. This cute but magical beast has the power to control fire. In addition to the advanced and legendary mounts, we're introducing a better version: Fury Fire Rosefinch Battle Mount. Check the differences yourselves!

狂嵐的天焰朱雀戰鬥座騎 傳說天焰朱雀戰鬥座騎1.jpg

Finally, we're coming to the most exciting part! Super Lucky Capsule Coin Bag is hitting the shelves for the first time! From this bag, You have a chance of drawing the following items:

Capsule Coin *50-100
Capsule Coin *150
Capsule Coin *200
Capsule Coin *250
Capsule Coin *300
Capsule Coin *400
Capsule Coin *500

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No free WOL? Not even putting WOL on sale? Absolutely no consideration about a reset even though so many players mentioned it? K. Sometimes, it's really hard to tell if you guys pay attention to your playerbase.

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That pet is so cute *-*
Swing your partner round and round- its going down!

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mahnahcah replied at 9-5-2013 04:53
No free WOL?  Not even putting WOL on sale? Absolutely no consideration about a reset even though  ...

Sometimes? Try most of the time.
There weren't any feedback about the rigged capsule machines either besides a "we'll check with the developers".

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