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Guide On Silver For Those Who Joined Late And On Military [Copy this link to quote]

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Hello This Guide is Going to show that how to develop fast when you joined late on new servers

1st: Go for Silver and Locate silver city which have 20% extra output and max it so you Will recieve 16k from 1 manor built like this 4 so you can get 84k output
2nd: Join a Legion and when you join a legion it's research (Maybe Maxed) So u can get total more than 100k silver output
3rd: try to max your Capital Resources Plot
4th: After Making 4 silver manor go for 4 Resources Manor and max it so you can get high output of it
5th: Afer making 4 Resources Manors Go for soldier Factory
6th: When you complete your Research (Not including Meditation) up to iron fist only keep 1 Silver Manor Rest of it Abandon and Change to Military Manors so at last you get 5 Military Manors
7th: After maxing your Military Buildings Built 1 Training Ground(Effect Decrease Your Troops Making Time can only made 1 per city)
8th: recruit a lot of U1 and U2 troops to catch up other players

This Can be Done under 1 month or 3 weeks And after wards you can catch other players Development Easily
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Your Guide is good. But in some kingdoms the Rulers will never give you a chance. You will be welcomed with a rank 2 and entrance to the silver cities will be closed. They may even ask you to reach 10 K dev before opening the gates of silver cities to you. You have to reach that 10 K with the 4444 cities available, which you dont need later as you have to move to 6666 and 7777s. By the time you become eligible for the silver city, a new server will be open and you get the feel you are wasting your time trying to get a hold on the older server.
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I wonder whether the spies do more harm, or the rulers who look upon all late joiners as spies.

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