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Guide On Acitives 1.8 [Copy this link to quote]

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Hi all today i m goona show u how to get 150 to 160 acitives Per Day
1st: Donate Landmark Contain 20 acitives points and if landmarks are full than repeat this(at alt pros donate 20 silver 10 times by doing this you will get 20 acitives)
2nd: buy Gears From Mystery shop contain 20 acitives
3rd: civil devolopment mean improving order,transit,commerence,city defence < this contain 10 acitives
4rd: Resources Delivery means transport resources direct by gold or Wagon (wagon are Not Count In This)< contain 10 acitives
5th: Historical Compaings < this can be found in Arena button > contain 10 acitives
6th: Last Man Standing <This also can Be Found on Arena button> contain 10 acitives
7th: Deploy (sending troops 1 city to another Warning sending troops togethar won't give full acitives you need to send seprate)< contain 10 acitives
8th: Decompose Gears(Means Recycling Gears) < contain 5 acitives
9th: Recruit Heros (Hero can Be Found in Tavern) < contain 6 acitives
10th: Hero Training (means Meditation on caves for Exp for your heroes) < contain 10 acitives
11th: Buy Resources(You can Buy Resources From Markets and every New day for 1 time Buying resources is Free) < contain 20 acitives
12th: Use Inspirations (Inspirations are used for getting fast exp for your heroes)< contain 10 acitives
13th: Battle Royal(Can be found under button of Arena and Battle Royal will be Done once in weak on Monday of Cok time) < contain 15 acitives
14th: Plantation Battle(Plantation Battle is for increasing Food output the effect will be long as ur plantation ends,Can be Found under button of Arena)< contain 10 acitives
15th: Learn(you can learn in Academy and Gain free good scrools from it,can be Found in City)< contain 6 acitives
16th: Legion Mine War(Legion Mine is Used For an Extra silver collection you can only collect 5times per day )< contain 5 acitives
17th: Recruiting Stats(mean Recruiting your Troops) < contain 10 acitives
18th: Building Queue( Building your resources plots,military plots and upgrading them)< contain 10 acitives

Hoped this may help you to get 150 to 160 acitives perday and you can get this doing in 1 to 2 hrs
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Goodjob !

now visit this.

Use magic Report

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