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Guide For Level 10~30: Day 1 of 6 [Copy this link to quote]

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Welcome to my second guide in the series!

This will tell you the basics about getting into a kingdom, moving ahead fast in the campaign and how to get amazing gears.


OK, by now you should've completed the Sherwood Forest Chapter. Your team should consist of either:
Rickon and Maid Marian
Meera and Robin Hood
If it doesn't, don't worry, you can fix this later on in the game. All your buildings should be at level 9 and you could have 10-50ish prestige from WOF.

The Guide

1. Upgrade your town hall to level 10, then 11, then 12.

2. Upgrade your armory as high as possible without making the second cd red. Then upgrade town hall to level 13.

3. Now repeat step two but with your tower of trials I and then upgrade town hall to level 14.

4. Now put both of your heroes into 24 hour training again, using three exp adds on the lowest level hero.

5. Buy a Silver Chainmail from the armory and upgrade it to +4, then equip it to your hero in the front of formation.

6. Go as far as you can in Holy Crusades Chapter and then repeat the Saladin battle until you have all the tokens. Then recruit him.

7. Go to research and upgrade Holy Cross formation to level 2. Put Saladin in the middle, Rickon/Robin Hood at the back and Meera/Maid Marian at the front.

8. If you have a Shire Horse, upgrade it to +4 and put it on either Robin Hood or Maid Marian.

9. Now go as far as you can in Holy Crusades and then shut down your computer for the night.

Thanks for reading the guide, see you soon for my "Guide For Level 30-60"
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Hope you like the guide guys!b

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