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Gems and everything about them. [Copy this link to quote]

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Here is my attempt at this guide. Im going to ommit pictures for now but will try to spell things out for you.

You have three basic types of gems and one advanced type, red blue green and the advanced is purple.

Each type of gem has a subtype that gives a boost to a specific stat ( you can see the specific boost per gem by moving your curser over the gem icon  in question.) Some gems are class specific and useless to other classes. I will notate these as I go along.

Physical Attack(Soldier, Ranger)
Critical Strike (All Classses)
Fire(Mage only)
Frost(Mage only)
Light(Priest only)
Dark(Priest only)

Blue and Green gems are a little different, and my information is a little opinion based and maybe be disagreed with by some.  I will list these to types of gems by order of precedence as I see it.

HP(all classes should make this type a priority)
MP(for Mage and Priest)

Crit -
Crit + (this gems is in green and red types.  I would primarily use the red ones and resort to green for lack of space only.)

The following green gems are resistance gems and in my opinion space fillers and not as beneficial as equipping the above listed gems.


Purple: ( a Combination of Red and Blue gems.)
These gems are handy to have once you have filled up all your gems slots and are looking to add more stat boosts.  There is a small sacrifice to these gems, so consider carefully your combinations.  Each gem seperatly gives a higher stat boost than when combined as a purple gem, but when combined you get one gem that will give you 2 different stats boosts (IE: PA +96 and HP +1150 instead of each individual gem  giving you PA +120 for a normal red level 9 and HP + 1437 for a level 9 blue gem.)

Ok, so now that you know what class each type of gem is for and general information about them.  You need to know some basic areas to get them.

You can get gems from instances, the first boss of each instance normally will drop a gembag in normal mode instances.

You can also get the gems from random drops in the world maps.  The easiest way to do this is to pull up your world map and select the gatherables tab on the top right of map page.  remember that there are 4 channels to each map, so switch channels and explore the nearby sorrounding areas for a gem mine. (looks like a little rock with colored liquid running down its sides, the color indicates the color of the gem to be awarded on collection.)

You can also get gems by purchasing them with diamonds from the cash shop.

Another way to get a few select type of gems, is to attain glory points  used to purchase some gems from  the NPC  Christin in Rehling.

Lastly you can get gem bag drops from world bosses

I will now tell you how to combine your gems to make that higher level thus granting you higher stat boosts.

All gems start out as a level 1 and can be increased to a maximum level of 9 by combining gems of the same level and subtype.  I will list the amount of level 1's  needed to raise a level 1 to each different level

level 2 takes 2 level 1 gems.
level 3 takes 4 level 1 gems.
level 4 takes 8  level 1 gems.
level 5 takes 16 level 1 gems.
level 6 takes 32 level 1 gems.
level 7 takes 64 level 1 gems.
level 8 takes 128 level 1 gems.
level 9 takes 256 level 1 gems.

Ok now lets talk about how you upgrade gems.

first you must have 2 gems of the same subtype and level.

you open up the crafting wiindow on the bottom right of you player screen that looks like a tan hammer.

The new window will open up and you should already be on the gem combination page.

You then open the bag where you have you uneuipped gems stored.  select the gem you wish to upgrade, rememebr you must have more than one to upgrade to the next level.

You drop the selected gem into the top box and it will tell you in the bottom box the level you currently have selected to attain after crafting.

You can change the desired level you wish to make on the top right of the crafting window in the dropdown menu.

After you have all your options set to your desired outcome you select the craft or craft all button.

The craft button will only craft one time.

The craft all button will craft all the available gems you have selected making multiple gems of the next level selected depending on the amount of gems you had to start with.

Ok so now that you know a little bit about gems I will tell you about how to euip them onto you character.  It is fairly quick and simple.

You have a little icon at the bottom right of you screen that looks like a shield.  When you select it, a window will open up on your screen with a  few different options.

In order to equip gems onto gear that you already have equipped onto your character you will need to select the embed gem tab on the top of the new window that opened up.

On the left hand side you will see a list of gear (weapon helmet spaulders, chest and so on).  Select and highlight a piece of gear by clicking on it.

On the right side of the "Embed Gem" window, if no gems are currently equipped you should see 3 blank boxes.  Each box is labeled by the color of gem that can be equipped into that specific box (blue, Red, Green).

You then open up you bag where the gems in your possesion are, and drag the gem you want to equip into the box matching the color of gem you are trying to equip.

you then select the embed gem option button below the boxes.
(you can drag and drop one of each color gem into each box before hitting the embed button thus equipping up to 3 gems with one click on the embed button.)

Ok now you have aquired some gems, upgraded your gems, and equipped them you are ready to go fight stronger monsters and players with your newfound strength. Good Luck!
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nice guide, but i not using MP gem even though i'm a priest

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nice guide, but i not using MP gem even though i'm a priest

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actually soldier more need MP gems, because soldier have little base MP

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bukanary replied at 22-2-2013 23:20
actually soldier more need MP gems, because soldier have little base MP

They dont really need it, potions can suffice, 1000 total mana is sufficient for normal potions, if u got less than 1000 or u want more, just smelt one of ur stats for +400 or something mana ^^

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green crit + and red crit gem are not the same thing. red is crit rate green is crit damage

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uslliknolat replied at 26-2-2013 07:50
green crit + and red crit gem are not the same thing. red is crit rate green is crit damage

tnks..for info gems
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Note: The author has been banned or deleted.

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Note: The author has been banned or deleted.

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