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Abyss Boss Strategy (5-230) + Build / Event Guide. With Pictures! (5-225)   [Copy this link to quote]

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IGN:  BunnyNinja
Server:  U3
My strategy:


***This guide is mostly for mages, though I do provide links to other guides for the sake of Warriors and Rangers below.  Here is a specific Ranger guide:  Ranger Abyss Guide

There have been a lot of people changing builds lately, especially now that a few guilds have the ability to buy talent reset gems in their guild shop.  I, personally like the Mage and all three classes for it.  Below I will describe builds and other relevant information to help people get closer to the abyss titles they are seeking for stat boosts!

UPDATE*** I recommend different guides (which I will link in the Warrior and Ranger sections) than the information I have provided as it is a bit out of date.  The mage info, however is still fine.

To give you some sort of idea, I would like you to know I finished the nightmarish abyss as a tokener in my 80's.  I think one or two people did it in their 70's, but I don't recommend trying to tackle the abyss all at once, nor do I recommend trying to tackle the later levels until you are a higher level (70+).  For instance if you are a non-tokener, I recommend you go further down the skill chart, level up as best as you can, and try your hardest to get gears to A grade before tackling the harder levels.  Many of these levels can be beaten with a good strategy and moderate stats / gears.  Some of them I will mention, you just have to bite your lip and tank it.  That means you can't strategy your way out of it, you just have to face facts and come back with higher stats / level / gears etc.

Firstly for those of you considering tackling the harder levels in the abyss, I highly suggest the Destruction / HP build for Mages for high Damage on the levels it is needed (Usually when I mention that adds are being spawned). On levels where you just can't possibly tank the damage, you should try Bal / HP build Keep in mind there is plenty of information in here that will be relevant to different classes / builds.  If the talent information doesn't pertain to you skip down to a different header.  There is something here for everyone.  Whether you are a tokener, or not.

I would also like to say that I am aware many people are not able to get this far on their talent level yet.  To use this guide, I recommend you do as much as possible of step one as you can.  Even though you might not be a Mage, read the mage talents first.  Why?  Because this guide is long, and many of the pieces on information in there can be directly applied to the other builds:  Such as, get a skill the instant it becomes available, and even if there is a small chance of something working, at least put one point into a talent before finishing something else.  Spread it out a bit, this is by no means an all inclusive guide.  There are many different ways to go depending on your play style.  This is merely my suggestion of the best way to get through the abyss, and where applicable, a good build to make a more PK oriented character.

Keep in mind the PK route usually makes a build with HP that disappears like water through your hands, but can usually take out 4-5 other players in the process.  My abyss builds are MORE FOCUSED ON KITING the enemy, and taking a more conservative approach by focusing more on Enhanced Damage / Defense.

Stats & What They Do

Attack:  This one makes the damage you deal to enemies increase

Defense:  This decreases the damage you take from enemies

Enhanced Damage:  This increases as a percentage damage you deal to enemies.

Damage Reduction:  This decreases as a percentage damage you take from enemies.

Attack Speed:  This increases the rate of your NORMAL attack.  Has no effect on skill casting.
From what I understand, increasing this above 100% has no additional value.

Skill Enhance:  Enhances the damage your SKILLS do to enemies.

Accuracy:  Increases the chances that your normal attack will strike an enemy.

Evasion:   Increases the chances that a normal attack will not connect.

Critical Accuracy:  Increases the chances that a normal attack will become a critical attack.  For instance if this stat is 100%, and your enemy has a 0% Critical Evasion; every NORMAL attack to that enemy would be a critical attack.

Critical Evasion:  Decreases the chances of receiving a normal critical attack.  For instance if this stat is 100% and your enemy has a 0% Critical Accuracy; you will never suffer a normal critical attack from them.

Critical Enhance: Your normal critical attacks, when they hit, will be increased by the percentage listed.  What this means:  You critically attack an enemy with a normal attack of 1000 with 0% the damage = 1000, with 100% the enemy will suffer 2000, this however only applies if your enemy ALSO has 0% Critical Reduction. If your enemy has Critical Reduction in the same amount of your Critical Enhance Damage would = 1000, if they have more Crit Reduction, then your Crit Enhance, it would be less then 1000, and if they have less Crit Reduction by 10% then your Critical Enhance, it would be 1100.

Critical Reduction:  Critical damage received from a normal enemy attack is reduced by the percentage listed.  It will do the opposite of the Critical Enhance explanation.

Skill Accuracy:  This increases the chance that a skill will hit your opponent.  For instance, this stat at 100%, while your enemy has 0% will mean that your skill will hit every single time, without missing.

Skill Evasion:  This increases the chance that a skill will miss you when being attacked by an opponent.  If your Skill Evasion is at 100% and your enemy has 0%, then your enemy can't hit you with a skill.

Skill Critical Accuracy:
  This increases the chance that your skill will land critical damage when it hits.  Think of it this way:  Your skill accuracy / skill crit accuracy is 100%, / enemy = 0%, this means you will hit them with the skill, and it will also provide them with critical damage 100% of the time.  Now think of it this way as well.  Lets say your Skill Crit Accuracy = 100%, and skill accuracy = 0%.  Your enemy has 100% skill evasion.  If the skill never hits to begin with, then it can't cause critical damage, so this needs to be used mindfully with skill accuracy.

Skill Critical Evasion:
  This reduces the chance that when a skill hits you, that the damage will be critical.  It has the opposite effect from above.  Think of it this way.  If your Skill Evasion is 100%, and your enemy has 100% Skill Crit Accuracy, and 0% Skill Accuracy, the attack will never hit, thusly negating any critical damage that could have happened as well.

Skill Critical Enhance:  This increases the critical damage you do to your enemy.  You obviously want to have this high in conjunction with your skill crit accuracy, which ensures the critical hits in the first place, to give you the additional damage.

Skill Critical Reduction:  This decreases the critical damage you take from your enemy.  Think of it this way.  If your Skill Evasion is 100% / Enemy = 0%, the skill never hits you to begin with.  So it can't do critical damage.  

Holy Attack:  No matter how high the defense of the enemy, this is the portion of your attack which will cause damage no matter what their defense is.  If you encounter an enemy with 10,000 Defense and only have 100 Attack, and your Holy Attack is 50, you are guaranteed at least 50 damage against that target.  Lets say you are an HP mage with high Holy Attack:  Your Atk = 1500, your Holy Atk = 500.  500/1500 = 1/3 regular damage to a target with defense that was normally unassailable.

Luck: This is a highly debated stat.  From my personal experience it increases your ability to hatch eggs.  Not only this, but it increases the Damage bounds (high and low) by the percentage listed.  For instance lets say your normal attack hits for 1000 damage.  If you have a luck of 100% this means that you could cause anywhere from 0 damage to 2000 damage. (not taking into consideration holy atk)

Here is a more detailed explanation.  I don't know the BASE of these stats, or if they increase as you level up.  Lets say that your basic accuracy for a normal attack is 75%.  If it is Enhanced by 100%, this means that your actual accuracy for a normal attack is 150%.  Lets say that the base evasion is 25%.  This reduces your ability to hit to 125% against that particular enemy.  Which is still 100% chance to hit, unless they have Accuracy increased to 25% which would equal 25% multiplied by .25 + 25% = 31.25% Which still means that your enemy has a 100% chance to hit you.  Now here is the problem:  I have never been attacked by anyone and had it do zero damage (holy attack), or been able to evade all of their attacks, so I believe there is an additional unseen factor, and I am not sure of this, but I think that the stat which effects activation could be luck.  But more likely there is a tiny percentage that will allow evasion, no matter the actual evasion percentage that will allow a Level 1 character with 0 evasion, to still somehow evade the attack of a level 100 character with 100% Accuracy.  What this percentage is, would be pure speculation, but it is my understanding that no matter how high you get these stats the numbers are built into the programming in such a way that there is no sure thing.  So keep this in mind when using my analysis of stats with regard to how you want to make your character build.

How to Get Your Talent Level Up Fast!!!

You need to do the following:  Use your talent gems to double your challenge talent exp when you have them.  They work proportionately so there is no fear in using them at different places as long as the increments are within 20k exp.  Use the small talent chests EVERY DAY, for a maximum of 10.  But only if you can afford it while still building up your gold supply for later.  It is very important you have plenty of gold in the end game for Non-Tokeners.  If you are a tokener, then you can be a bit more frivolous with your gold, or sell token items when necessary.  Do every single challenge quest available EVERY DAY.  If you are a tokener, you can get more talent gems, and little hammers to open big talent exp boxes.  This will help you get higher and higher.  If you need gold to get your small talent boxes open read the following below.  Every 5 levels you gain 30,35,40 etc you can do 2 sets of Talent Quests in Cain, so remember that when you hit these benchmark levels you do the 2 sets for extra exp.

How to farm more GOLD

This is pretty easy, but can be tedious.  First of all, always be auto farming in an elite deep of some kind.  If you can't survive in the highest level, keep moving down until you can or join a party where you will survive.  I don't recommend using Auto-Pots to farm, save them for the abyss.  Farming there all day every day (after you have exhausted your stamina in an area where you will get the max EXP) will get you tons of gold that has dropped, and tons of materials.  I recommend checking with the search function who is selling what and for how much.  Then price it 1 gold lower then the lowest person to sell it quick.  Check it a few times a day to make sure you are selling it for the lowest price to get rid of it faster.  Also farming out the specific mats for upgrading that are specific to gear and selling them in cosign is a good way to make money.  Like manticore stingers, eyeballs, etc. People are lazy and will buy them rather then farming them out.  Having an alternative account or two will help you farm out items faster, and doing one of each class and getting familiar with all classes, will help you decide which build you like most, and which class is best for your play style.  You can funnel all the gold and materials into your main account that you need, and sell the rest.  You can also get gold for doing the arena 50 times a day.  It adds up quick.

Also, don't forget to do your Kuroom quests every day.  Try to farm out as many B and A mats as possible by fighting bosses in elite deep, and world bosses and sell the excess, and if worse comes to worse you can always sell token items for money, but I only recommend this as a last resort.  Also, people are always looking for spirits for food, so don't be afraid to use those eggs you farmed out in sewer (after maxing your own spirit of course) and selling them for a decent wage. I don't recommend buying much of anything for gold until you hit level 90.  You can make it there relatively weak, and save up all that gold for good items for events when they come out from tokeners, if you are not a tokener yourself.  Also do as many of the below events as possible, and try to win them with the strategies outlined.

How To Win Events

Masquerade:  Time:  16:00 – 16:20; 20:00 – 20:20  To win Masq it doesn't matter what level you are.  It matters that you have a party.  Instruct everyone in your party to save all their bombs until the end.  Especially the red ones.  I know it will be tempting to get someone back that has frozen you out of getting boxes, but save all these for later.  This plan almost always works for me.  Who cares if you die a few times?  Just open all the boxes you can, while PMing people to join your party.  Once you have 5 people, there are 4 less people in there that can hurt you.  If you go in with guildies, and your guild has an ally, then even better.  Now, once it gets close to death mode (about a minute before, pay attention to the time) take yourself to a corner of the map with your party, and let everyone else kill each other.  This is why you save the red bombs till the end.  Your enemy was probably not as smart as you, and only has a few of these left, so being in a party formation will save your life here.  If someone in your party dies, instruct them to swim around the map so you can have a scout tell you who is alive.  I also recommend having the Full screen on.  Wait until there are only a few people left alive, then your living members gang up on everyone one by one until the enemies are all dead.  Once everyone is dead, (have a scout check if there is a dead party member, can't stress that enough) start collecting boxes until the big box in the middle is open.  Have the party leader open the box at the end, and distribute the cash to everyone who helped you.  Sometimes there will be a lot of people left alive (allies, and guild members, and anyone in your party) but Splitting the 500k pot to a few people is better than getting nothing at all.  Also, don't forget to pick up as many bombs and chests as possible because the experience / gold boost is really good also.

Werewolf:  Time:  14:30 – 14:45; 22:00- 22:15  IMMEDIATELY once you get in, start adding people to your party.  Say in local chat which monster you are hunting, and make sure the people helping you know what they are doing.  To win werewolf you need to kill the same monster over and over.  Ignore PKing wolves.  Lets say you pick Mushroommen, make sure all 5 members of your party are able to be seen on the screen at the same time.  If you can see them on the screen, then each kill your party members get, you also get.  This helps you exponentially faster kill monsters since you can gang up on them, and also kill multiples at the same time.  Look for score +5 boxes, and attack boosts.  I don't recommend the speed boosts, but keep in mind the speed from an enhanced mount moves to Werewolf, and will also give you an advantage.  If you were able to get everyone to stay together, grab a score box or two, and make sure NOT to accidentally kill a different enemy which would lower your entire parties score, then you should be in the top ten, and get a gold / exp boost.

Devil's Transport Party:  Time:  All Day:  I can't stress this enough.  Be in a guild that is fairly active, with a lot of members around your level, or that are willing to walk this with you.  Get a party of 5 of the strongest members you can find.  Then all you have to do is simply walk the path:  If you aren't sure where to go, click the button in the bottom middle of the screen, and you should be able to see the path you are supposed to follow.  Have your 4 members run ahead of your chicken.  Why?  Because Robbers will usually wait by the portal, and try to kill you before you finish loading.  They are smart enough to target the party leader, and then run away to Kuroom to get the rewards, and usually wait near one of the later maps in the path, so you don't have time to regroup and kill them back.  If you are still having trouble:  DO THIS DURING AN EVENT YOU DON'T LIKE, when most people are gone, or do it very early / late in the evening, when fewer people are on.  If you are feeling extra paranoid, you can run 2 at the same time with 10 people.

Righteous Robbers  Time:  All Day:  Go into PK mode.  Quickly make a party, and have them teleport to a map near the end of the path, or a few maps ahead of the path that the people you are trying to rob are.  You can tell where they are at, due to the red notices that will pop up every so often.  Wait close to the exit portal and if they get load locked, you can kill them before they realize it, and run off to Kuroom for your reward.  Smarter players will have scouts go first instead of the party leader.  You might get lucky enough to kill them, but even smarter players, will purposely jump lines in a town where you can't attack them, and lose their chicken.  A lost chicken will not consume their DTP chance, and they will likely just attempt it later, or during an event.  So to win you have to be coordinated, and take out the party leader, and have the new party leader lead the chicken, while the other members of the party keep the heat off of you.  Keep in mind though, many people use alts for robbing, and robbing people will get a lot of people to hate you, and means you will be a target when they see your name running around doing DTP.

Battlefield:  Time:  15:00 – 15:30; 16:30 – 17:00; 20:30 – 21:00; 21:30 – 22:00
This is basically a game of Capture the Flag.  I recommend before this game even starts, to try and get in a perma-party with 4 others that are very strong.  Part of this will have to do with being in a strong guild.  Try and make friends with strong people and this will ensure a win for you every time.  Now when you enter with your party, they will all be with you.  The goal is to get 3-5 flags for your team.  As time goes on, you get points for having the most flags, the more flags, the faster the points accumulate.  Once you have 2000 points you win.  My strategy, is to get all 5 flags, and head to the spawn point, and pay attention to the revival timer.  Have mages cast Firewall, and Icicle rain, and have Warriors use Whirlwind over the spawn point to ensure no one escapes and takes your flags.  This will net you glory, and exp.

Lava Core:  Time:  Anytime for slow Lava Cores, but faster speed cores at 11:00 – 12:00 19:00 – 20:00.  I recommend getting a few people from your guild in here, and grouping together.  Don't attack anyone else, and usually people will leave you alone, unless you are in a rival guild.  You should be doing this every day for talent exp.  Being lazy about this event will quickly put you behind in talent points, which will make you severely weaker for your level then you should be.  Make sure if a guild member helps you, that you help guard them while they are gathering as well.  Going in alone is ok when there are few, or no people in there, but if it looks packed I recommend coming back at a later time or you will be waiting a long time.

Cannon Site Crisis:
  Time:  Monday Only 21:00 – 21:10  Oh boy this is crazy.  You will see dots flying everywhere.  These will injure you.  Try your best to avoid them (as time goes on they get progressively more damaging) while picking up boxes with glory.  The longer you stay alive, the more exp you get.  Avoid members of rival guilds, as they will try and kill you during the confusion of bullets flying around.  If you can stay alive until the end its PK time.  The last player standing gets tons of gold and glory.  Get your guild members together, or PM other members to join a party so you can take out the strong people and give yourself a better chance of lasting longer, and winning the prize.

Territory Battle:  Time:  Tues / Fri @ 19:30:  This is crazy fun, and how you get tons of resources for the guild shop, which gets you free token items, and buffs for the abyss.  The goal here is to be the last guild standing in the territory which will get you bonus exp as well.  Strategy to win this, is to simply send your whole guild into one territory and hope for the best if you are a weaker guild, if you are stronger its best to scout the territories with alt accounts, and send in an appropriate amount of people into each territory in order to win multiple territories which gets you even more resources.  Don't log out if you win a territory because you will lose the second email of resources which is the same amount if you won one territory, but goes up proportionately if you won multiple territories.  Having a few balance mages casting AOE heal will help out tremendously.  The goal is to stay with your group, and not get swarmed by multiple enemies and you should be alright.  Auto / Insta pots help, but I recommend keeping these handy for the abyss instead.  Lose 5 lives and its over.  However even if you lose before the event is over, you still get resources for participating!!!

Stronghold:  Wed, Sat:  21:00.  There are two forms of Stronghold.  Defense, and Attacking.  Attacking is much harder and requires good coordination of your guild.  The point is to kill the crystal.  The best way to do this is to make a few parties of best Mages / Warriors, and firewall, icicle rain, and whirlwind the heck out of the crystal.  Do it right at the beginning when everyone is load locked, and you should be able to win before the enemy can group up.  If you take too long however, a good defense strategy is to go to the portals, and spawn kill everyone with Firewall, icicle, and whirlwind, so you have to be quick is my best advice.  Don't forget to pick up the boxes, the defending guild can't get these, but will use them as bait to kill you.

Chicken Run:  Thu, Sun:  22:00.  This is fairly straightforward.  What I think is best, is to have everyone group around the chicken so it is hard to attack.  Have a party of mages and warriors whirlwind around the opposition and use AOE to slim down the enemy.  Escort it to the end, and your Guild Leader gets resources, and the option to distribute some super mats to players which are 60,70,80 special mats, and some B mats.

  Fri:  20:30.  This is basically just Arena, but if you take it to the end, you can get glory and costumes.  I recommend if you are serious about Hegemony, you be a tokener, use auto pots, and auto pots.  Otherwise you aren't going to get very far.  Might as well try though, a lot of people forget to show up, and you can get some extra glory out of it.


First of all, use all of your stamina every day.  If you have problems doing this, get stamina extractors from Arena (you get them whether you lose or win)  I personally like to save these up for a rainy day when I know I won't be playing much.  

The same goes for Quest Handbooks, save them up for a day when you aren't in the mood to do your daily quests.  Other then that, make sure you do your daily quests every day, and do as many events (WW, BF, Masquerade, etc) as possible for additional experience.  Don't run a double exp orb unless you plan on MANUALLY fighting for an hour.  This is where I like to put on Magic auto pots, that way I don't run out of MP for skills which help you kill enemies faster, thus getting the most bang for your buck with regard to amount of kills in the hour you have with the orb.  Lastly I recommend when running an Orb, you get into a party, this decreases the amount of stamina and exp you gain, but you are getting credit for kills in your party as well.  If possible grind in an area where you own the territory, as this will get you 120% exp on top of the double orb as well.  


HP talents:

20 points into Sacred Mind = 8% Enhanced Damage
1 point into Heal:  This skill allows you to heal yourself.


Destruction talents:

20 points into Staff Expertise = Base Atk x 120% of Character Level
and 4% skill crit acc.

Why Skill crit acc?  This increases the chance that you are going to successfully get a skill crit!  Why does this matter?  Crit Heals!!!  For instance on my character I heal about 10k / heal.  If it crits however that will get me 23k hp back.  This is extremely important for staying alive in the Abyss, the ability to heal quickly!  Plus it saves you magic points in the long run which you will desperately need to conserve!!!


20 points into Magic Recharge = Skill ENHC + 13%
and more importantly Skill Crit ENHC + 15%

Skill Enhance means that a regular skill attack (white numbers) will hit for XX% more damage then normal
Skill Crit Enhc = if it crits (red numbers), which it should be doing more frequently, as you should be putting a lot of emphasis into Skill Crit Acc as I mentioned above, you will get an additional 15% damage, which in the case of the heal spell = DOUBLE TO TRIPLE THE HP RESTORED.


However, some people like using it for fighting world / regular bosses, and find it useful to escape in the abyss.
  I have a 30+ mount, so my speed gets me away from mobs without taking too much damage, but I know this is not practical for everyone, so Blink might be better for you, as it transports you away quickly and allows for a few quick heals before things get rough.

The next step is to put talent points into Energy Snatch until you reach the ability to learn Overdrive:

Energy Snatch will ideally be at 20/20 someday, but for now this is likely not the case.  Once you learn Overdrive this will be what saves your life if you make a tragic mistake.  If you are about to die, save Overdrive and pray for a crit heal.

The reason Energy Snatch is a good talent is the Skill Crit ENHC stat.  Coupled with a high Skill Crit ACC stat, you will be getting crits more often, and they will hit for far more damage.  This will save your life with heal, and reduce the time fighting the bosses.  The faster you kill these monsters, the better.

Once you have put enough points into Energy Snatch to unlock Chain casting I strongly suggest you put at least one point in there for now.  That will give you a 3% chance to spam an attack 2x instead of once.  May not seem like a lot but 2 crit lightnings will drain your enemies HP very fast!

I personally only put one point into Chain Cast, and am more concerned about leveling up Energy Snatch first.  But keep in mind once you can, the next thing you should do that is very important is to learn Devastate.  It can be chain cast, and is very powerful.  I myself am not up to this point yet my current build is as follows:

20/20 on Sacred Mind
1/1 on Heal

20/20 on Staff Expertise
20/20 on Magic Recharge
20/20 on Energy Snatch
9/20 on Chain Casting
1/1 Devastate
1/1 Overdrive

For a total of 92 points at level 89.

Eventually I want to have a spread that looks more like this:

1st this:
20/20 on Sacred Mind
1/1 on Heal

2nd this:
20/20 on Staff Expertise
20/20 on Magic Recharge
20/20 on Energy Snatch
20/20 on Chain Casting
1/1 Devastate
1/1 Mystic Bond

3rd this:
9/20 Cultivation (more HP)
20/20 Damage Absorption (crits get absorbed as HP)

For a total of 132 points.  (Max level is 130, so max talent points will likely be close to 140ish, as you get more TP when you hit increments of 10)

Next I shall discuss the Balance / HP build:  I personally hate this build, but it is a necessary evil if you want to tank some of the bosses damage further down in the abyss, particularly the horrible and despair abyss.

20/20 Sacred Mind
1/1     Heal

10/20 Heart of Nature
20/20 Arcane Boost
20/20 Life Sap
20/20 Mage Armor (This increases your Enhc Def, and will drastically reduce your damage received)

1/20  Staff Expertise

For a total of 92 points.

Now I want to discuss items and stats a little bit more in depth:

I highly recommend you put all of your ELEMENT experience into Fire if you want to be a PK character, but for the abyss, I think Ice would help you take less damage.  Since it is relatively cheap I recommend putting all of your element effects at level 10 since the effects stack, and then picking your desired element to boost to Level 30.  Eventually with time, you will be able to get all of those to 30, but it is very tedious.  I would have suggested Light, but heals have a maximum capacity to heal 50% of max HP, so it seems to be a waste in my opinion.


As, I feel my build for Ranger is obsolete I recommend this guide for talent build for rangers:

Lethro Ranger Guide
Read ALL of it, for a comprehensive look at what is best for you when building a ranger.

Here is my recommended build for Ranger:  Magehunter (Zeidrich told me Manaburn is AMAZING for DPS as an FYI)
As I mentioned AT THE BEGINNING, read the MAGE section first, as many of the information would simply be repeated here:

Step One:
20/20 Exorcist Techniques (Enhc Damage)
10/20 Precision  (Only because you have to)
1/1    Enhanced Haste  (Lowers cooldown of Haste, so you can use more frequently, important for keeping distance, which increases your attack with certain skills, and allows you time to heal if you get into trouble)
10/20 Building Bravery (This build focuses on Atk speed, and this will help you get more damage in)
1/1    Ruining Shot  (Lowers speed and defense)
20/20 Weaken Attack  (Increases your Atk Speed)
1/1    Combat Master  (Allows movement during Crack Shot)

Here is where things get complicated as the next course of action depends on if you are more interested in a PK build, or an abyss build.  If you want a more balanced PK build I recommend your next step is:

20/20 Mana Burn (Take away a Mages MP, you take away their ability to heal)
1/1     Oppress  (Lowers speed / atk speed, use in a pinch when you need to heal / create distance)

Abyss Build:

20/20 Quick Reload (Extra attacks)
1/1     Oppress       (see above)

Step Three:
10/20 Endurance Training
20/20 Survivability
20/20 Hunting Techniques
20/20 Nimbleness

Step Four:
20/20 Bow Expertise
and anything else you find useful in the Ranger build.


***Use this guide for BM:  Lancelot BM Guide

***Use this guide for Brut:  Hywelbane Brut Guide

I noticed that many people were refuting a few things he had to say, but all in all its a good guide, so use the information from the guide & the comments to be safe.

***Use this guide for Prot:  Gren's Prot Guide

As I mentioned AT THE BEGINNING, read the MAGE section first, as many of the information would simply be repeated here:

Step One:  Brutality (Many of those that have finished the Abyss on U3 are Brutality)
10/20 Resistance Boost(1% HP heal every 10 seconds, it helps)
20/20 Sword Expertise (ENHC DMG)
10/20 Quick Conclusion (Speed and Skill Accuracy)
20/20 Slash Down        (Skill Enhc)
20/20 Sword Expert     (Extra Attacks)
1/1     Wild Roar           (Extra Damage)
1/1     Whirlwind           (Huge DPS skill)

Step Two:
10/20 Weapon Mastery (Accuracy)
20/20 Smash               (Increases Atk)
20/20 Savage              (Crit Enhc)
1/1    Eliminate             (Good Dmg / Speed)
12/20  Ravage             (Atk Speed up during Rage)
1/1    Serenity             (Super speed and crits)

All I have to say is Serenity, + Rage, + Whirlwind
Can you imagine that?  Whether it be Pk or Abyss, the DPS potential here is staggering

Step Three:
Go Protection for abyss Build, for PK build go:
20/20  Attack Weakness
20/20  Silencing Blade

You could also switch Step One, and Two, depending on your preferred play style as Serenity may be more useful if you want to take a more slow approach with regard to DPS and have the option to get away quickly and heal.


I also highly recommend you save all your Guild Score for Certificates for 95 remods but if you must use your resources then get these items to enhance your chances of survival in the abyss:

All 4 guild pots (MAX LEVEL)
All 3 flasks
Both HP and MP auto pots

This will decrease damage taken, increase hp, and increase damage given to enemies.  As well as increase your rate of attack.  All of these things separately seem insignificant but together they make you a force to be reckoned with in the abyss.

Don't use them until RIGHT before the bosses, that way you will have enough time to fight other bosses as well.  If you need more resources make sure you do Territory Battle every time 2x a week, and check the events list for other events which give you Resources, like Chicken Run, Stronghold, etc.  If you aren't bidding on stronghold, I highly suggest you start making it a priority, your GL or VL's can do this.


So you have the items you need, and you have the correct talents in play.  This is only half the battle.  Now you need to RESET YOUR GEARS OVER AND OVER AND OVER and get them to A grade, and do the following stats on your Spirit:

As much of the following as possible:
These are the 6 that I use on my spirit for a more balance Pk / Abyss build since it is expensive to change these with tokens.

Skill Crit Acc:  Increases chances you get a skill crit = heals you more frequently with more HP, and damages the opponent more frequently with crit damage from skills. (This helps with Abyss)

Skill Crit Enhc:  Your crits will heal you more, and do more damage to enemy.  = Faster kills, and keeps you alive.

Crit Enhc:  Your skills do more damage / heal you more EVEN IF IT DOESN'T CRIT

Skill Crit Eva:  Evade Critical Skills

Crit Eva:  Evade Critical enemy attacks

Crit Red:  Reduces critical damage from regular attacks

For Warriors I would be more interested in Atk Speed, and Accuracy / Skill Accuracy / Skill Crit Accuracy / Skill Crit Enhc.

For Archers I would be more interested in Atk Speed, Evasion, Skill Crit Evasion, Skill Evasion, and Skill Crit Enhc.

You also want spirits that have a HIGH APTITUDE.  APT lower then 100 results in a stat loss of that spirit.  Your spirit should also be FULLY MAXED, and COMBINED to maximize stat increase with the spirit.  Keep in mind the first Combine always works, but subsequent combines may cause a loss of stats.


I highly recommend you put as much as you possibly can into the C and B grade stat which is Defense and HPYou should NEVER USE YOUR COUPONS ON ANYTHING OTHER THEN MOUNT / WING POTS.


Honestly, I think it is important to get all of these skills to max level, but as a focus point I would make the passive skills my first priority regardless of the character.  Follow this up by getting your most used skills / most important life saving skills leveled to 3 first.  For Mage I recommend Meteor Drop, Thunder, and Fire Wall first.  Try getting Awaken to max level as soon as possible, MP is life blood for mages and very important in battles with bosses of over 20m hp.  For Ranger I recommend Haste, Eagle Eye, Crack Shot and Poison Arrow.  For Warrior I recommend War Cry, Block, Crit Slash, Rage, and Terminate.  This will be explained further in the advanced strategy section.


First I would recommend putting all your tokens into level 15 Burs:

Once Burs are 15 I recommend getting valor to 31.

Once this is complete, put the rest of your tokens into Def and HP C and B stat Pots for wings / mount
Next I would recommend Maxing out your Mount:  Speed helps a lot in Abyss
Next Max our your wings for enhanced damage and atk speed.
Next Gear upgrade gems to level 10.
A costume can help as well.  I recommend the cheapest 7 day costume possible.  Who cares how you look, when they all provide essentially the same functionality.
Also maxing APT from gems on your Spirit is nice as well.  But unless it is a World Boss Spirit, I don't recommend this at all.

Once you have done this, I recommend going back to maxing Valor.

Anything else you spend tokens on IS A WASTE in my opinion unless you are resetting Valor once you change gears every 10 levels.  To properly reset valor, make sure the stats MATCH the stats you have on your D, C, B, A stats on your Gears for the boost.  If the color of the stat is gray in the Valor menu, you are NOT getting any benefit.  IT NEEDS TO BE BLACK.

Advice for Non-Token Users:

Get your zeal up to 100 every day.  Part of that zeal you obtain should include DOING DTP AND ROBS EVERY SINGLE DAY Once you hit Level 70.  Don't get lazy or you will be missing out on experience and FREE gems.  This could also randomly net you free auto pots, mount / wing pots / etc.  You may not be powerful as fast as the tokeners, but in the long run, if you do this without fail you can catch up.  SAVE EVERY DROP OF YOUR GOLD POSSIBLE FOR RESETTING GEARS ONCE YOU HIT LEVEL 90 (once the expansion comes out, then wait for 95).  If you are farming your gold consistently and doing a good job of it, then I would recommend spending money on Talent Chests, and extra instance turns for Glory, but if you are losing money on a daily basis by doing this, I would suggest waiting for token items / gear resetting.  Spend NONE of your gold on anything before this, you need to save up for getting a few important token items from friends that do buy tokens, like special runes, wings, mounts, boss spirits, etc.  Use ALL of your coupons ONLY on wing / mount gems.  Also I HIGHLY recommend that you NEVER try to enhance your Mount / Wings / Gear unless the success rate is 90% or higher.  Once it starts consuming 10 or more gems per level I recommend, you don't try to save gems, and make sure its 100%.  Think of it this way, one failure, when you try on 8/12 gems loses you 8 gems.  Sure you might save 4 a few times, but one loss is a loss of 8 gems.  DON'T GAMBLE.


I highly recommend Stun / Silence combination for defense and for attack as I have seen many of the heavies on this server using them.  Stun locking an enemy can make a huge difference in Territory Battle especially with Area of Effect spells / attacks.  This prevents the other characters from being able to move or cast spells on you which will drastically reduce their effectiveness.  As far as the Abyss goes this also holds true several of the bosses will try to stun / silence you.  For someone who is interested in doing the Abyss, I would recommend keeping in line with the stats listed above in the spirit section with a slight deviation based on your build as mentioned.  The higher you can get these stats the better!

To get more glory try to attend all of the Battlefield events every day, as well as any other event that allows you to win glory.  (Instances, for example sometimes give glory as a prize) You can find out which ones give you glory by clicking the info button underneath the event.  


I recommend instead of trying to spread out your skills, you try to focus on a few to give yourself a high enough defense to tank the bosses in the abyss.  Crit Red, Skill Crit Red, and Evasion skills are very important not only for PK but for abyss too.  Make sure you don't neglect your Valors, Burs, and gear resets / level here otherwise once you get access to the servant it will leave you severely lacking in power / def.  Follow the same advice for gears, and stats from the above Spirit, and Gears sections.


Put on all your potions, and buffs if you have a friend willing to buff you.  There is a boss on every 5th floor which will result in you getting the coveted titles.  My best advice for any level is to run away whenever the monsters talk to you, this means they are charging up for a big attack.  They will usually stop for a moment or so giving you time to heal.  Always be running auto pots for HP and MP and make sure you continually are running regular pots as well, even if at full life.  Don't be afraid to die a few times, and pay attention to the very predictable movements the bosses make, and how to avoid them.  If you are approaching a close call, use an Insta-Pot, and make sure you have at least 20 of them of the highest level before you start the boss.


Start the battle with an Overdrive Fully Charged Meteor Drop as long as you haven't made the boss sense you.  If you drop below half life, blink or run away and start healing.  If you drop below 1/4 life, use OverDrive and pray for a crit heal.  Constantly use Fire Wall on the enemy and run in a circle around it, so its being damaged constantly.  I recommend NOT setting any skills to Auto Pilot, as you might be trying to heal and die due to casting a regular spell instead.  Use any skills as they become available to damage it.  If there are add on monsters (in the nightmare abyss only) kill them with Fire Wall and Icicle Rain to get rid of them faster.  (Don't do this in the horrible abyss, simply kite the adds, and focus on the boss)  Take any skills / potions you don't need OFF OF THE HOT KEYS.  Make sure to pay attention to MP and if it drops below 1/2 use awaken.  Running out of MP for a mage = death.


Kite those bosses like crazy!  When you are running low on HP Hit the boss with Poison Arrow or any of the other speed reducing skills (stack them, see above for talent skills that reduce speed), activate Haste, and run away!  You can get a good 10 seconds of healing in by reducing the bosses speed, (This doesn't help when there are multiple adds though, for this use your AOE skills and take them out quickly before running away) and increasing your own.  Quickly use your normal pots, take a quick rest, and use an Insta-Pot or two.  The skills I suggest above increase your attack speed, and normal speed, while reducing the enemies speed.  This allows maximum attacks in minimum time, and plenty of time to heal, with reduced cooldown for Haste.  


Here we are focused on DPS, Atk Speed, and Accuracy.  You want to hit, and hit hard.  You want to not miss, and you want as many extra attacks as possible.  Whirlwind is going to be your best friend here, as well as the added speed from Quick Conclusion.  This will give you a little bit of leeway with regard to escaping and healing in conjunction with your 1% healing every 10 seconds.  The goal here is to hit hard, run away and wait for cool downs (Rage + Crit + Whirl), then heal, and kite until you can get in with another attack.


LEVEL 5:  PIRATE:  This one is pretty easy, just run away from it when it speaks, which means the bombs are coming, he freezes for a bit giving you time to heal.  Don't panic, you can do this one pretty easily.  Completing this earns you the Abyss Seer title which increases Atk / Def +5

LEVEL 10:  SCORPION:  This one gives you far less time to heal while casting poison, don't think you will have as much time as you did with Pirate.  Obviously stay out of the range of the poison attacks.  This one hits pretty hard.  I hate to say it, but strategy is of lesser importance then having your Atk, Def, and gears at a certain level, since he is pretty quick and won't leave you alone for long.  I wouldn't even bother until you have B ranked 50 gears on, unless you are using tokens this early which I wouldn't recommend until at least level 70.  Title:  Abyss Challenger:  Atk / Def + 10

LEVEL 15:  UNICORN WOLF:  Make sure you keep its adds dead quickly as the damage will pile up, use AOE for this the conclude faster.  He will stick to you like glue, so kiting is a bit more difficult.  Anything you can do to slow it down, or speed yourself up (Freeze, speed reduction skills, or haste, etc) will drastically improve your chances of success.  Very similar to scorpion.  Title:  Abyss Trainee:  Atk / Def +15

LEVEL 20:  THIEF:  He will give you a bit more leeway with regard to running away and healing, but the key is to stay the heck away from him while your defense is lowered.  Kite it as much as possible during the Def lowered time, and hit from a distance when possible.  This might take a bit longer for warriors then it will for distance attackers.  Abyss Adventurer:  Atk / Def + 20

LEVEL 25:  FLOWER:  This is just nasty, it is going to heal itself rapidly and poison you.  It will give you plenty of time to run away to heal, but you can't afford to do this in this fight.  If you can't stick to it like glue and kill it outright you are toast as it will heal and you will run out of resources.  Abyss Mystic Atk / Def + 25

LEVEL 30:  JUDGE:  If you can beat the Flower you can beat the Judge.  It's really that simple.  Don't run away too far, as he will stun you and fly across the room which will prolong the battle making you waste potions.  Abyss Smasher:  Atk / Def + 30

LEVEL 35:  GENERAL:  Look at the picture below:  Abyss Master:  Atk / Def + 35

LEVEL 40:  OCTOPUS:  When he turns you into a fish, rejoice.  Your speed gets moved up so fast, he can't touch you.  Just circle around the map and let your auto pots, / regular pots, and an occasional insta pot do their work.  When you revert to human, this is where you need to do the damage.  This is similar to the Thief, don't let it touch you while a fish, your defense is lowered.  Abyss Keeper:  Atk / Def + 40

LEVEL 45:  UNICORN:  This one was very frustrating as it will freeze you constantly.  Attack from a distance if possible, and keep its speed down, and yours up.  Make sure auto-pots are on.  If you get frozen a few times, you need to be healing during this time, or you are going to die.  Be ready with an insta-pot and constantly have regular pots running.  This is more an endurance battle of keeping your HP up then anything else.  Abyss Star:  Atk / Def + 45

LEVEL 50:  FROST DRAGON:  If you can take out the Unicorn you have nothing to fear from the Dragon.  Similar to Nagar and Unicorn Wolf.  Abyss Dawn:  Hp 100, Atk / Def: +50

LEVEL 55:  WAX VINCENT:  More of the same strategies.  Similar to Frost Dragon / Nagar / Unicorn Wolf.  Nightmare Messenger:  Hp + 200, Atk / Def + 60

LEVEL 60:  Run away from this punk when you are transformed as it drastically lowers your atk / def.  Don't bother healing while transformed either or say goodnight.  Hit it while you are not transformed and you should be fine.  Honestly felt that if you could take out the 55 boss, you will be fine here.  Keep this baddie at the top or bottom of the map.  When it talks, run all the way to the other side.  Anything that increases your speed will help dramatically.  As long as you avoid the swarms of zombies by following this strategy you should be fine.  Nightmare Agent:  Hp + 300, Def / Atk 70

LEVEL 65:  See the Picture  Nightmare Dread:  Def / Atk + 80, HP + 400

LEVEL 70:  Move very slowly, it will cast AOE spells which will take away a ridiculous amount of HP if you are caught in the crossfire.  He will cast multiples of this spell, and what you need to do is attack him near the edge of the map, move a little bit out of the range of the AOE (quickly or you will die) and rinse and repeat, if you do this correctly you can move in a circle around the map while damaging him slowly and avoiding the AOE spells.  If you can beat this one, 75-100 should be beatable as well.  Nightmare Spirit:  Def / Atk + 90, HP + 500


LEVEL 75:  See Image:  Dream Illusionist:  Hp / Def + 100, HP + 700

LEVEL 80:  Tank it, keep your DPS high, and stun reduction is just as important here as level 75.  Dream Manipulator:  Def / Atk + 120, HP + 1000

LEVEL 85:  Same as Level 80:  Dream Weaver:  Def / Atk + 140.  HP + 1500

LEVEL 90: Don't bother with the adds it will summon, keep the boss in the center and attack from a distance.  If you keep circling it, the adds will follow you, and you can hit the boss on occasion.  This takes patience, and a endurance of your hand circling this beast.  I highly recommend a build which emphasizes speed as this will give you more time to slowly chip away at it's HP and heal.  Dream Lord:  Def / Atk + 160, HP + 2000

LEVEL 95:  Kill the Bookshelf as quick as possible to prevent more adds.  Then focus on the boss.  Rinse and repeat.  Punisher:  Def / Atk + 180.  HP + 3000

LEVEL 100:  Same as Level 70.  Def / Atk + 200, HP + 5000.

LEVEL 105:  SEE LEVEL 90, BUT THIS IS MUCH WORSE, MORE ADDS.  If the cluster of adds gets near you once you have taken about half of the bosses 5 mil + life, you are dead.  By this point if you don't have any skills which increase speed you are going to die, and I would recommend as high of a level of mount as possible. (increases speed).  If you feel confident enough, sneak a few lightning bolts in.  Titles get much nicer, Skill Crit Red, and Crit Red are VERY nice for PK, especially for mages against Warriors who have a healing disadvantage in the Abyss:  Eye of Charm:  Atk / Def + 220, Hp + 5500, Skill Crit Red, and Crit Damage reduced 8%.

LEVEL 110:  See Picture:  Hand of Charm:  Atk / Def + 240, Hp + 6000, Skill Crit Red, and Crit Damage reduced 16%.

LEVEL 115:  See Picture:  Head of Charm:  Atk / Def + 260, Hp + 6500, Skill Crit Red, and Crit Damage reduced 24%.

LEVEL 120:  See Picture: Spirit of Charm:  Atk / Def + 280, Hp + 7000, Skill Crit Red, and Crit Damage Red by 32%

LEVEL 125:  See Picture:  Soul of Charm:  Atk / Def + 300, Hp + 7500, Skill Crit Red, and Crit Dmg Rd 40%

LEVEL 130:  See Picture:  Eye of Panic:  Atk / Def + 320, Hp + 8000, Skill Crit Red, and Crit Dmg Rd 48%

LEVEL 135:  See Picture:  Hand of Panic:  Atk / Def + 340, Hp + 8500, Skill Crit Rd, and Crit Dmg Rd 56%

LEVEL 140:  See Picture:  Head of Panic:  Atk / Def + 360, Hp + 9000, Skill Crit Rd and Crit Dmg Rd 64%

LEVEL 145:  See Picture:  Spirit of Panic: Atk / Def + 380, Hp + 9500, Skill Crit Rd, and Crit Dmg Rd 72%

LEVEL 150:  See Picture:  Soul of Panic:  Atk / Def + 400, Hp + 10000, Skill Crit Rd, and Crit Dmg Rd 80%

LEVEL 155:  See Picture:  Eye of Fear:  Atk / Def + 430, Hp + 11000, Skill Crit Rd, and Crit Dmg Rd 92%

LEVEL 160:  See Picture:  Hand of Fear:  Atk / Def + 460, Hp + 12000, Skill Crit Rd, and Crit Dmg Rd 104%

LEVEL 165:  See Picture:  Head of Fear:  Atk / Def + 490, Hp + 13000, Skill Crit Rd, and Crit Dmg Rd 116%

LEVEL 170:  See Picture:  Spirit of Fear:  Atk / Def + 520, Hp + 14000, Skill Crit Rd and Crit Dmg Rd 128%

LEVEL 175:  See Picture:  Soul of Fear:  Atk / Def + 550, Hp + 15000, Skill Crit Rd, and Crit Dmg Rd 140%

LEVEL 180:  See Picture:  Messenger of Fear:  Atk / Def + 580, Hp + 16000, Skill Crit Rd and Crit Dmg Rd 152%

LEVEL 185:  See Picture:  Fear Fighter:  Atk / Def + 610, Hp + 17000, Skill Crit Rd and Crit Dmg Rd 164%

With regard to the build used in this picture (Ice Element, and Balance / HP) I highly suggest you DO NOT change it until you pass Abyss 215.  Should you choose to ignore me, you will have to change builds yet again which is not optimal considering the usage of tokens or resources to accomplish that goal.

LEVEL 190:  Fearless:  Atk / Def + 640, Hp + 18000, Skill Crit Rd and Crit Dmg Rd 176%

LEVEL 195:  Master of Fear:  Atk / Def + 670, Hp + 19000, Skill Crit Rd, and Crit Dmg Rd 188%

LEVEL 200:  Fearless King:  Atk / Def + 700, Hp + 20000, Skill Crit Rd, and Crit Dmg Rd 200%

All following titles have Skill Crit Rd, and Crit Dmg Rd, 200%

LEVEL 205:  No Title

LEVEL 210:  Eye of Despair:  Atk / Def + 850, Hp + 26000, Skill Crit Acc + 2%, Crit Acc + 2%

LEVEL 215:  No Title

This boss is a monster.  All buffs, pots, and flasks should be applied before walking in here.  There is a very obvious pattern to this bosses attacks.    First it will use AOE #1 for about 50k damage.  Don't heal just yet, for it is about to use its second attack.  Next it will use its version of Firewall which has a pretty good range, and takes about 35k / second, and it will get dropped on you immediately so make sure you are moving around, and it can have up to 8 of these on the screen at the same time.  Now you should heal and drop a fire wall on its feet, and attack until you see it use AOE #1 again.  Every 2-3 minutes or so you will see the boss stop its normal attack which appears to be a meteor coming at you.  It will also NOT move to chase you while it is charging this attack, and it will have a pentagram symbol below its feet while it charges.  Since you are moving around the whole time you fight this boss I recommend dropping a Firewall on it at all times to do consistent damage because it is hard to get hits in, while getting the hang of how far you can walk away until it will start to follow you.  If you can, try and get the boss to follow you near one of the corners, and assault it from there, that way when you see it charging for AOE #2 you can run to the opposite side and hopefully escape the blast which will hit you for 150k minimum.  You aren't out of hot water yet, because once it hits you with AOE#2, it will either drop a Firewall at your feet, or use AOE#1 immediately, and then drop a firewall.  I recommend no matter how far you got away from the boss, you are healing yourself while AOE#2 occurs, and then start moving immediately after you see the animation to avoid the Firewall.  Rinse and repeat the above strategy and you will be fine.  I haven't personally beaten this yet, but I would have had it not been for the server crashing during the fight.

LEVEL 220:  See Picture:  Hand of Despair:  Atk / Def + 850, Hp + 26000, Skill Crit Acc + 2%, Crit Acc + 2%

This boss is a toughie.  But still cake compared to 220.  First thing is first.  Go to market, and but a ton of 800Mp Insta Magic Pots.  This will be necessary as this boss takes almost (if not all) of your MP away in one swoop.  It is an easy pattern to recognize, first it will take all your MP, then it will do a knock back attack for a lot of damage, then it will silence you for 7 seconds.  To keep alive put yourself by a wall so the knock back attack doesn't make you fly across the room, and disrupt your attacks.  Your goal is to have full HP when it drains your MP.  Then use a MP flask (put in hot keys, and get used to the different arrangement) Then it will use the knockback, and you should heal immediately after it does so because it will silence you almost immediately afterward.  When silence ends, heal yourself, and land a quick FW so damage is being done constantly.  If you can sneak a few other spells in great, but focus on keeping your HP at max, before doing so.  

LEVEL 225:  No Title

LEVEL 230:  See Picture:  Head of Despair:  Atk / Def + 850, Hp + 26000, Skill Crit Acc + 2%, Crit Acc + 2%

This is basically Romeo and Juliet from i95B except they are Nagars.  The girl heals, the boy does the damage.  I have not yet found an effective strategy, but keep in mind all POTS and HEALS, and INST POTS will be reduced to 50%.  The key here is to do enough damage to the healer that it isn't negated with it does its AOE heal, while simultaneously having enough Dmg Reduc, and Def to survive the hits dealt by the boy.  I tried to go back to Hp / Destro for this fight, but found that my HP drained too quickly, and was Hp / Bal as well, and found that my healing spells couldn't keep up.  I suspect you need to stay Hp / Bal for this fight for the Dmg Reduc, and focus on getting your Atk up with 80 passive skill, leveling up your servant, and getting your gear score higher.  20k Atk is not enough as an FYI.  I imagine you will need at least 25k atk to pull off the Hp / Bal method.  or 25k Def if you are in Hp / Destro mode.

A note from AnhThanh Focus on these stats:  Skill Crit Acc, Skill Enhc, Eva, Skill Enhc, Skill Crit Enhc, and Luck, and you should be fine.  Freeze the boy (so you aren't being damaged) and charge meteor on the girl, followed by OD and (OD heal yourself if you have time) If you have the skill gems, get freeze as high as possible, this gives you more time to charge, which equals more damage.  Once the healer is gone its cake from there.

LEVEL 235:  No Title

LEVEL 240:  See Picture:  Spirit of Despair:  Atk / Def + 850, Hp + 26000, Skill Crit Acc + 2%, Crit Acc + 2%

LEVEL 245:  No Title

LEVEL 250:  See Picture:  Soul of Despair:  Atk / Def + 850, Hp + 26000, Skill Crit Acc + 2%, Crit Acc + 2%

LEVEL 255:  See Picture:  No Title


ArchAbyss:  Dude, where did you go!


If you have any questions, additions or concerns please let me know!
In my experience the BEST PK BUILD is one that includes Whirlwind
and lots of Crit / Accuracy.  The best ABYSS build for short term is going to be the Destro / Hp Build
which was the first to be outlined.  The best ABYSS build for the long run is the Balance / Hp build.  The ability to finish abyss faster and get the skill crit red titles will give you a huge advantage.  Mage armor, and a full mount will help this greatly as well.

I hate to say it, but overall the DPS of the Brut Warrior and Mage Hunter for PK ability in the long run to me seems to be the way to go with regard to High Talent levels, but the abyss will take longer.  Just get used to spending lots of money on Insta-Pots.  But hey, those costumes in Hegemony are very nice

Otherwise happy Abyss!  You can do it!
Don't forget the point of winning abyss is to increase your stats permanently!!!

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Didn't read all of them. but great work dude!

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The lvl 80 skills are Perm buffs that adds Hp, Def and Atk, all 3 different skill, there's no lvl 90 skill only lvl 100, and I doubt the lvl 100 skill allows you to lvl it up as it's already OP'd, VERY OP'd. FYI the lvl 95 Gears can be modded till S Grade, and in S grade it introduces 2 new stats that's not attainable from others, the S Grade Mat can be found either hunting a lvl 115 Boss in Mystery Isle's either 2 Towers OR you can use Mats and Make one in Craft section.

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JmsTheRuler replied at 7-12-2012 04:21
The lvl 80 skills are Perm buffs that adds Hp, Def and Atk, all 3 different skill, there's no lvl 90 ...

Thanks for clarifying this information Jms, I shall add it to the guide
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ur BM build nearly all wrong @@

the true 1 is for talent put
weapon mastery-20/20
smash-0/20(it because smash only ad very tiny atk )
combat incentive-20/20(crit acc most importance)
savage-0/20(it on u to take this or not but to me it more good if u take ravage atk sp33d more importance)
ravage-20/20(i already try this skill it more cool than savage)
attack weakness-20/20(25% stun is deadly + high atk sp33d)
silencing blade-1/20(no need to max this 1 because every 10 atk u can silent ur enemy)
bloodlust-20/20(if u have more point spent on this talent dont max the silencing blade it useless)

and for the skill take
shocking smach-0/1(challenge skill more good it 0 enemy sp33d)
eliminate-0/1(the most useless skill in BM talent it worked when enmy hp is 2k @@ it useless because BM can deal dmg up that 2k @@)
serenity-1/1(most deadly buff in BM talent without this skill BM die)
challenge-1/1(it good to paralyze enemy but some time it can miss it important skill  when duel arcer to lock it)
death dance-1/1 (most power full buff BM dead if stunned)
sry for my poor english

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DUDE your strategies in talent is unbelievable  for real hard to reach talent 104
your strategies are only for maller
help us get stronger without buying tokens
its better to GIVE than to RECEIVE

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FahmiFeresCool replied at 7-12-2012 05:54
ur BM build nearly all wrong @@

the true 1 is for talent put

Thanks for the suggestion I have a warrior on my account and I prefer more of a tank build, but most of the people who are close to, or have finished the abyss on my server seem to be Brutality, which is why I suggested that route.  I definitely agree with the atk speed aspect though.

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marzky replied at 7-12-2012 08:02
DUDE your strategies in talent is unbelievable  for real hard to reach talent 104
yo ...

I mention in the guide that you obviously can't do that at this point.  This guide is for the short term, and the long run.  I know not everyone is a tokener, but I give advice from trial and error I went through as a tokener should someone choose to get them.  Many people that are in level 70-90 have at least with gold bought some items which are token related, and I know too many that think changing their hair, or a temporary costume is the way to go, I think permanent stat upgrades are far more important.

It is NOT practical to try and tackle most of the abyss before you hit Level 70+ anyway, which is why I am giving those advanced strategies for the long run about what to do with talent, and tokens, and magipoints, etc etc.  

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on my sever is 2 ppl who is BM and hybrid BM on pet n tanker on talent

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FahmiFeresCool replied at 7-12-2012 16:40
on my sever is 2 ppl who is BM and hybrid BM on pet n tanker on talent

interesting, how good are they at the abyss?

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sa sobrang haba nakakatamad basahin

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alfred_loko replied at 8-12-2012 17:37
sa sobrang haba nakakatamad basahin

sorry sir, I don't speak tagalog

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bunnyninja replied at 8-12-2012 13:40
interesting, how good are they at the abyss?

OK NOW 3 BM Finished abyss 100 -,-(but they all heavy token user @@)

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FahmiFeresCool replied at 8-12-2012 18:08
OK NOW 3 BM Finished abyss 100 -,-(but they all heavy token user @@)

Interesting that is kind of what I suspected, that the BM, and Brutality builds would be best at Abyss, due to Serenity / Whirlwind.  126 talent points, and you have both.  I fear for everyone else when that day comes.

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bunnyninja replied at 9-12-2012 08:40
sorry sir, I don't speak tagalog

too long = boring to read is what he wants to say..

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zeidrich replied at 8-12-2012 19:18
too long = boring to read is what he wants to say..

That is why there are sections.

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I see you put effort on your guide. I can see it's too long and still needs editions to some info.

-May want to make a "thorough mage guide" since you're very knowledgeable about it.
-May want to make the abyss guide more general in terms of the ideas. Set a scope on what you want to discuss. It maybe too detailed that you're drifting away from the topic "Abyss guide".

I suggest you make some portions of your guide color-coded for "strongly suggested" stuff. All black text maybe too dull for the readers.

Your guide really has lots of stuff going on. Other info you may remove here and put to a completely different guide.
-Stat-info guide
-Thorough info about mage talents
-How to use tokens effectively
-Glory gems guide

I'm looking forward for this guide. It has good potential.
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Jeevus replied at 9-12-2012 10:42
I see you put effort on your guide. I can see it's too long and still needs editions to some info.


I have been thinking about making it all pretty with colors, but I think all the information pertains to helping to do better in the abyss, so I don't wanna remove anything.  

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I tweaked a few things for those who are interested

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