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The art of war- army units and what they can be used for [Copy this link to quote]

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Each unit has their own purpose, and that is what you will find here

The Shu have the following units: Militia, Pikeman, Glaiveman, Lancer, Imperial Guard, Crossbowman, Repeating Crossbowman, Scouts, Battering Ram, Demolisher, Pioneer, Lobbyist

Militia- Used as beginning army units. Good for carrying resources back from plunder
Pikeman- Good for defense and attacking cavalry units, but weak against other infanty
Glaiveman- You strongest infantry unit. Good for attacks
Lancers- Good defense and strong for attacks. Quickest Shu unit
Imperial Guard- Strongest cavalry unit. Good for attacking cities far away
Crossbowman-  First archer unit. Can be used to defend or go on attacks later on
Repeating Crossbowman- Strongest archer unit. Good for defense or attack
Scouts- Slower than scout cavalry, but your still going to need them

Wei units: Swordsman, Heavy Infantry, Guardsman, Light Cavalry, Qing Cavalry, Scout Cavalry, Longbow Archer, Cavalry Archer, Battering Ram, Demolisher, Pioneers, Lobbyist.

Swordsman- Good attack and defense. Strong at first, optional to have later
Heavy Infantry- Great defense. Lower attack. Still good to have
Guardsman- Your strongest infantry. Use them for attacking
Light cavalry- Fast and strong. Great for attacks and plundering
Qing Cavalry- Best cavalry unit. Very strong and great for attacks, but cost a lot
Scout cavalry- Faster than scouts and good to have these guys
Longbow Archers- Strong, but slow. Good for defense or attack
Cavalry Archer- Strongest ranged unit. Fast but cost a lot. Good for defense or attack

Wu units: Spearsman, Shield Infantry, Female Cavalry, Heavy Cavalry, Guard Cavalry, Scout Cavalry, Archer, Legendary Archer, Battering Ram, Demolisher, Lobbyist, Pioneer.

Spearsman- Good for defense or attacking. Strong against cavalry
Shield Infantry- Your strongest infantry unit. Good for attacks
Female Cavalry- Fast and strong. First cavalry unit. Sort of like Light Cavalry
Heavy Cavalry- Great defense, but low attack. Good to defend or attack
Guard Cavalry- Guard Cavalry. Weak against infantry, but great against other cavalry
Scout cavalry- Faster than scouts. Good to have these guys
Archer- First range unit. Good for defense and can be put in attacks
Legendary Archer- Strongest range unit, great to have, but cost a lot

Besides these, they also have few units in common. Below, is what they are

Battering Ram- Used for breaking down the enemy wall, making it easier to attack
Demolisher- Can lower buildings level
Pioneers- Used to build a new city. Use 3 of them on an open area to make a city
Lobbyist- Used to take over cities. Lowers loyalty. When 0, the city is yours
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