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CaoDong's Shortened Gradebook on Premiers (Version 1.1) [Copy this link to quote]

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CaoDong's Shortened Gradebook on Premiers (Version 1.1)

Hi guys,
To sort out the bad Premiers from the good ones, use the gradebook: (Some parts of the gradebook are not required to get a perfect score)

Grading Scale:
10 (Possesses all qualities)- Platinum Age Premier
9.5 (Has all qualities, but does not exactly possess one)- Golden Age Premier
9-7 - Silver Age
6- Bronze Age
5- Average
Under 5- Below Average


Unionism- Keeping the kingdom together and avoiding disputes.

Non-Favoritism- Not appointing all friends and legionnaires to important posts unless proven somehow (maybe thru an interview)

Activity- Just being active, making sure stats rise every day

Social Skills- Makes friends easily and makes enemies hard (does not, however waste time trying to make everyone happy)

Strength- Avoiding becoming puppeted (being used by someone) and able to reject suggestions clearly (does not try to find excuse to reject OR does not indirectly reject it, just directly says it)

Humility- Not bragging about him/her self, always willing to take suggestions and knows that he/she is not perfect

Radicalism- Willing to purge beyond limits (if required)

Serenity- Always calm and does not overreact in public scandals, does not immediately lose temper and thinks before demoting

Advisory- Able to determine good advice from bad advice, even from trusted people.

Trustable- Does not change decisions very much, is firm. Also does not use people (lackeys) to win arguements, debates, or any disputes. Does not make too many deals for votes. (Bribery is included.)

Wisdom- Uses common sense to win over political opponents. Able to take care of opponents without having to bribe/ make a deal, demote, or angrily fight.

Idealism (NOT REQUIRED)- Willing to try ideas and apply them. Also creates ideas, and has other people review them.


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