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Books Reading system is basically a collection of achievements system.It brings a lot of interesting and academic experience.

You can find books by defeating monsters and completing instances. You can also purchase some books from Reputation Dealer at main maps .Books can increase player EXP and Reading.

Players can read books to increase their reading level too. Books have different reading requirements. the higher level the book the more experience it offers.

There are many books exist in the game.Each one of them has a different name and story. When you have finished reading one book,the corresponding achievements will be displayed in “Read” interface.

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Hmmm.....  Thanks for that guide.

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to raise you reading levels you must obtain specific title books from looting dust covered books off of montsers killed.
upon opening the dust covered book you will recieve a new book with a specific title. if you meet the minimum requirement you read the book and gain experience and raise your reading level.
note: you can only read each book once and if you recieve a duplicate copy it will be labelled already read. you can find a list of books you havent read under the skills icon and read tab,
Note 2: Remember to upgrade your reading at level 20 to intermediate, level 40 to advanced, and level 70 to master by visiting Catherine in Rehling

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