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Hello, and my name is Enragedfix. My main character is in EDT S12 in the Clan RIOT (incase any of you recognize me some how.) While I may be quite noob at the game, I have made it as far as the Greco-Persian clash, so I wanted to help newer players for the release of S21. Let's begin.
Also a little note, I have no resources to take a screen shot on the Chronicles of Merlin game, if any of you can take screen shots, or tell me how I can, that would be greatly appreciated.

Sherwood Forest
Sherwood forest is the very first campaign, and has two heroes, Maid Marian and Robin Hood.
When you start this campaign, pick Rickon or Meera, as they are the two best starting heroes. Once you are done with the tutorial, quickly buy yourself 2 sets of armor and another sword, so when you get Marian you can quickly equip her. To win this campaign, you need upgrades from + 4 to + 6 on each one. Marian is recommended until you get Richard with her useful gambit, 'Rush' which prevents the targeted foe from doing anything for exactly one round.
Robin Hood is not worth the money to equip him, as his gambit is weak and his stats are mediocre at best.
Before you exit the starting area, make sure EVERYTHING you have is at + 9 with every hero having a sword and armor, and every gambit hero having a horse. This is the best way to guarantee that you're at top strength when you move, and is recommended throughout the game. As in, your in a level sixty region, don't move until your level sixty and all of your equipment is level sixty as well.
When you've finished robin hood, see if someone will help you with the SWFL and move on the the Holy Crusades campaign!

Holy Crusades
Holy Crusades is a very useful campaign for getting a view of the world.
This campaign includes the heroes Saladin, Richard the Lionheart and Baldwin. The first two are extremely useful and will last you until Viking Invasion or higher. Saladin is catapults, and pairs well with richard/meera and Rickon. The real challenge is that his boss is completely catapaults, which means a lot of normal damage will be dealt, before attempting this, make sure your armor is considerably strong! Around this time, just upgrading your equipment isn't enough. Move to center city and upgrade you level eleven to unlock one of your most useful buildings, the Academy. Upgrade it to level ten and grab the Level 2 cross formation, followed by levels into gambit attack and normal attack. This will be very useful into killing this campaign! The battles up to Odo de St Admand are very easy, just upgrade and enhance your abilities if you get stuck. When you get here, you'll get a message from Michael about the devastating Spearhead attack. This damages all of the enemies in a straight head, but use the fact that you have the Serpent Formation to your advantage! This battle has only one damaging hero, so put Richard in the center, with Rickon and Saladin on the top and bottom.
Ensure Richard has good armor, or he will be hacked to pieces by the continuing hail of Spearhead attacks. When this is over,  finish Baldwin, but DO NOT recruit him. He is a useless hero. You may have noticed that there are weapons that aren't white dropped by some enemies, when you reach these, defeat the enemy until you get the weapon, upgrade it and replace your common weapons, it is much more effective as it has a higher growth rate than a common weapon!
White < Uncommon < Rare < Epic < Legendary < Artifact. That's the key! A + 10 artifact is almost on par with a + 30 white. Finish up the campaign by conquering the HCL and head onto Viking Invasion!

(Gotta go to bed, will update this later.)
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