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My Army Hybrid Manor Building Guide!! [Copy this link to quote]

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Hello, I've got some free time on my own so I decided to share some of my own army hybrid manor guide ~~
THE formula!
Units of ur choice:
Wood: a
Stone: b
Iron: c
Food: d
Time requirement: x
Number of barracks/Archery/Stable/Workshop: u
Barracks/Archery/Stable/Workshop lvl: y
Training ground lvl: z

Let time required to make unit be T,

Time required to produce a unit is equal to

T = x * [{100 - (1.5*y + 1*z)}/100 ]

Let N be the number of units can be made in one hour,

N = 3600/T

n = N*u (n = total number of units made in one hour)

hence, resource required for hourly production is equal to

Wood: n*a
Stone: n*b
Iron: n*c
Food: n*d

To simplify calculations made, let us take the highest and lowest amount of resource needed.

For a lvl15 plot; Output is equal to 1140 (raw)
Neglecting all +20%/Landmarks/Plantation/Everbloom effects;

and Assuming Iron to be the highest amount of resource needed;

n*c - 1140(p) = 0
where p = number of resource plots required


P = (n*c)/1140
   = M

where M is the number of plots of Iron plots required.
E.g If M = 10, then 10 Iron plots is required. (3 on special land and 4 on flat land)

Do the following for all other resources, do minor adjustments on your army building's lvl, TG's lvl, to maximize efficiency based on recruitment time~

Manor: 6666 with 20% iron and Dragon Spring Palace lvl8
Longbow archer
Wood: 330
Stone: 380
Iron: 610
Food: 220
u = 3
Archery Ranges level: 12 (y=12)
TG lvl: nil (z=0)
Time requirement for each longbow archer at lvl1 archery: ~580s (x = 580)

Hence T = 580* (100 - (12*1.5 +1*0))/100
             = 475.6s ~ 476s

N = 3600/T
   = 3600/476
   = 7.56
   = 7 (rounding down)

n = N*u
   = 7*3 = 21

Wood: 21*330 =6930
Stone: 21*380 =7980
Iron: 21*610 =12810
Food: 21*220 =4620

With current Iron +20% and landmark approx lvl 8;
the manor gives 100+20+16% iron
Hence lvl15 Iron gives 1550.4 = 1550/hr


P = 12810/1550 = 8.26
M = 8.26 rounding up to 9 (More resource is better than less)

Hence u nid 9 plots of Iron to sufficiently support 21 Longbow archers every hour,
Hence u will nid 3 iron on special plots
and 3 irons on normal plots
2*3 + 3 = 9

Food: 4620 per hour => 4620/1140 (1140 is equal to the raw output of lvl15 farm w/o PB & landmarks)

M = 4620/1140 = 4.05 ~ 4.
2 Plotted land farm

Stone: 7980

M = 7980/1140 = 7
3 Plotted stone + 1 flat land

Wood: 6930

M = 6930/1140 = 6.07 ~ 6
3 Plotted forest.

Total plots in manor = 20 =
2farm + 4quarry + 3Lumbermill + 6Refinery +3Archeryrange +1warehouse/granary.

Please give comments on whether if its a good army hybrid manor build!! Thanks for reading and sorry for such a long post D:..
Have a nice day!!
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i dont call that a guide , i'd call it confusing man... but try and put it into a simpler form and people might like it. I see good theory and potential in this but bad execution.
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The execution is a bit rough, but I see what hes trying to do.
He's built a model to plan out self-sustaining manors for an anticipated amount of production (in this case, longbows).

I've got half a dozen of these built up in excel as well, for individual manors or for entire builds that also consider gem farming, BR, and resource war.

I like the effort to try to bring mathematical optimization into CoK more, a lot of players (especially newer ones) could really benefit from fine tuning their manor builds.
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best inmath hehehe...this is really confusing for others but i see the point of your thread you want a self sufficient manor to avoid tansforting of resources from one city to another but your just making your life complicated...why not just make a little bit easier to understand

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