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Ling "The Talented" Tong [Copy this link to quote]

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Ling Tong (189 – 237 or 217) was a military general of the state of Eastern Wu during the late Han Dynasty and Three Kingdoms era of Chinese history. He started his service to the Sun family since his childhood, and throughout his entire life, he had been contributing to the foundation and solidification of Eastern Wu. He had participated in many campaigns, including those against Huang Zu, Liu Bei, and the Shanyue barbarians. But his most noted performance would lie with those against the rival state of Cao Wei, in which he displayed great skills under extremely adverse situation.

Besides being a military general, Ling Tong was highly praised by the scholars for his gracious demeanour, bonhomie and generosity. Even though he had achieved fame and glory when he visited his hometown later in his life, he still treated commoners with utmost respect and humanity (which was a rare case in the chaotic world he lived). He acted as a strategist after he returned from the frontline, and drastically changed the way Eastern Wu used to deal with the Shanyue tribes and successfully recruited over 10,000 strong army from the Shanyue through impressing them with a show of might and potential rewards (Ling Tong's strategy would be adopted and modified by Zhuge Ke later). He was also well known for his integrity and loyalty; he, along with Lü Meng, were the most valued generals of Sun Quan.

According to the Records of Three Kingdoms, Ling Tong respected and befriended scholars and was admired by them even though he was a military general. Being receptive, he had a reputation for being accommodating towards men of talent. Even when he was busy with military affairs, he always took time to receive visitors. He viewed righteousness and loyalty as important values and saw wealth as inferior. He has thus been praised by the Jin Dynasty historian Chen Shou to be a guoshi (國士), a term used to describe the most talented and virtuous individual in the kingdom. Once, Sun Quan's subjects recommended a famous talent Sheng Xian to him. Ling Tong was asleep when he heard that Sheng Xian had arrived to meet his lord. He immediately got out of bed to receive Sheng Xian and held Sheng's hand while leading him to meet Sun Quan.

Ling Tong was reputed to have a strong sense of righteousness. During the battle at Nan Commandery, Zhou Yu ordered Gan Ning to attack Yiling. Cao Ren sent an army to attack Gan Ning and had him surrounded. Gan Ning hurriedly requested for reinforcements, but the generals did not have enough men to spare to save him and believed it was not sagacious to send reinforcements because that would dilute the main army. Lü Meng spoke up, saying that they should help Gan Ning. He proposed to Zhou Yu that Ling Tong stay behind to keep Cao Ren in check while the rest of the generals go to reinforce Gan Ning. Lü Meng boldly asserted that he had confidence that Ling Tong could hold on for ten days. Ling Tong then took up his duties with responsibility. He countered Cao Ren's attacks alone, and bought time for the other generals to rescue Gan Ning.

He was also brave in admitting his mistakes and displayed fervent determination in his actions. In his earlier years, Ling Tong struck down a superior officer called Chen Qin, who had earlier insulted him and his late father. The incident caused Chen Qin to die of severe wounds several days later. Ling Tong then fought recklessly in the battle against the bandits after exclaiming that only through death could he cleanse his deep guilt. Thus, his attack turned out to be a huge success, yet he bound himself and surrendered to the discipline officer after the victorious battle to await his punishment. However, Sun Quan pardoned him on account of his achievements and promoted him to a higher military rank.

A very underated General of all Three Kingdoms, Ling Tong was easily comparable to Zhang Liao or Guan Yu, he was honest, righteous and very well learned. He fought in many battles earned his Lords admiration and not only that but was as I would say, the Achillies of Wu.
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Agree Bro..I read Three kingdom book about LIng Tong too before but in indonesia language, hehehehee

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boboho replied at 7-4-2012 16:38
Agree Bro..I read Three kingdom book about LIng Tong too before but in indonesia language, hehehehee

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where you get th in indonesian language

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