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Dragonborn has so many events going on that it is virtually impossible to do them all.  To access the menu for them, simply click on the icon in the upper right corner labled events.

This will bring up the event menu, which features multiple tabs full of things to do:  

Holiday events are the special events, including those for the OBT server opening as well as seasonal events for holidays like Christmas.  These are only for a limited time so be sure to get them done before they are gone.

Daily events include solo quests and events for your guild, that come along on certain days and times. Not all are daily, some rotate in and out on certain days or weeks, so click on them for more info on them including when they will be available.  Also note the "join now" button, which will usually instantly teleport you to the event from anywhere in the world.

The Instance tab displays the various dungeons of the game.  You can use this menu to search for a group, or even attempt them solo.  One of the unique features of this game is that there is a quest to help you solo your first dungeon run of the day in most dungeons that makes them much easier to do.

The PvP tab includes the battlefields, where you can fight the opposing faction for experience, glory, and medals.  Glory and medals can be exchanged for some nice rewards, so be sure to give these events a shot.

The Way of the Hero tab gives you certain goals to accomplish, and doing so will earn you some nice prizes.

The World Boss tab lists the times and general locations where world bosses will spawn.  They drop some great loot so get a team together and try to defeat them if you can.

Finally the Limited Pack tab is where you collect special packs from various contests and websites.  

Hopefully this guide gives you a better idea as to all the amazing events this game has to offer, and helps you to participate in them.
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