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[Guide] level 1-25 in 25 mins. [Copy this link to quote]

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Srsly brah.. 25 mins, sometimes even faster.

Step 1:  Do the QUESTS. Fast.  Kill only what you have to, click very fast, and DO NOT READ ANYTHING.

Step 2: Repeat till level 20

Step 3: At lev 20, not a second later.. don't finish that quest you are on... GET TO TOWN!!!! and pick a FACTION!(I recommend Arcane Council) Then quest again. (This is to ensure you get freebies if someone scores big on the wheel, mainly xp capsules.  Or if they get something cool from hero trials.

Step 4: Before you go to the silly string of quests at the fishing village.. TALK TO OPHELIA!!! get the quest that teaches you what COUPONS are for.  Do the quest, it's easy.  Open the Althorn pack she made you buy...

Step 5: Use the Circus Wheel card.. "clown card" (It comes with the Althorn pack after you open it.) and PRAY for the 10x EXP capsules.  100k xp in 1 spin.. if you get it, YAY, you're lev 25 in 25 mins or less.  If not.. LOL you have to quest more..


If you have a character with un-bound cards for the circus wheel.. trade them to your sub-25 character and keep trying untill you get the 10x EXP capsules.  Which isnt hard, its the most common prize on the rectangular wheel....

If you don't have un-bound cards on a better character, and you fail your ONE CHANCE at skipping 8 minutes of questing.. you have to go quest.  Sadface for you.


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hahaha 10 exp is most easiest to get to spin

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