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Questions and Answers about the School System [Copy this link to quote]

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Questions and Answers about the School System

The Clash of Kingdoms Team has noticed that many players are still having some unclear questions about the School System, so we summarized some important points for your reference, wish this can help you understand the school system easily and get more fun from it.

1. Question: What benefits can I get from the school system?
Answer: The School is a place where players can teach and study new abilities autonomously. Players' heroes can learn all abilities besides the exclusive hero abilities, and will be able to learn the new types of abilities including: Increasing exclusive troops' attack and defense, Increasing strike, Increasing dodge, Decreasing abilities damage, additional terrain bonuses and Reducing food consumption etc.

2. Question: What's the precondition of creating or joining in a school?
Answer: Players with 10,000 or more development and a little silver can create their own Schools in the Academy on the City interface, players can also apply to join others' School, but every player can only join in one school at the same time.

3. Question: Where the Headmaster can see the application?
Answer: The headmaster can execute his/her rights after the school has been created. The headmaster can open the Headmaster's Office on the school interface, and then he/she will see the applications from other players. He/she can accept students and banish students here.


4. Question: How to select a hero as a teacher?
Answer: When a school is created by a player, the player's main hero will be set as teacher as default. The player can select any hero of his/hers to become the teacher of the school by clicking the "Management".

select teacher.jpg

5. Question: What are the benefits for being a teacher?
Answer: When a player becomes a teacher, he/she can receive Insight and Literary Talent by teaching. The more the students in school, the more experience the teacher can get. The teacher has higher success rate on learning new abilities in the school.

6. Question: What are the benefits for being a student?
Answer: Players can receive Insight and Literary Talent by Advice after becoming a student, he/she can increase his/her Military Genius by challenge other players, thereby get the chance of learning all abilities except exclusive abilities which belong to some historical heroes.

7. Question: How to learn new abilities?
Answer: Teachers can get Insight by teaching, and students can get Insight by studying. When their Insight reaches a certain level, players can select a specialty for their heroes to learn. The Insight will be reset after learning a new ability, and it will not increase anymore if players don't learn new abilities after it's full.

8. Question: What are the effects of Literary Talent and Military Genius?
Answer: Players can get more Insight if they have more Literary Talent, the upper limit of their advice in one day will be also increased, and the success rate of learning abilities and challenge will be increased too. Players can see more abilities at their learning if they have higher Military Genius. When the Military Genius increase to a certain level, the upper limit and success rate of challenge will be increased.

9. Question: What's the effect of a School's level?
Answer: A school has its own level which related to teaching and studying. School level can upgrade faster if there are more teaching operations with better effects in school. A school can accept more students if the school has a higher level.

school level.jpg

10. Question: How to drop out of a school? What are the effects?
Answer: Players can drop out of a school on their own, but they will lose all of their Insight and 50% of Contribution. If there are 3 or more players banish the same player, then banished player will be dropped out of school, and his/her heroes in the school will also be banished, he/she will lose all Insight of his/her heroes which belong to the school originally, and the player will still lose 10% of his/her Contribution.

11. Question: How to select a hero of myself to study in school?
Answer: The main hero will be set as default student when a player joins in a school, but students will be able to select any hero of his/hers to study after the school reaches level 3. Students need to anew pay respect after the headmaster changes the teacher.

If there is any problem you still have, please feel free to reply this thread, we will reply your problem as soon as possible.

- The Clash of Kingdoms Team

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