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[game info] Quests [Copy this link to quote]

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[game info] Quests

How to get a Quest

There are multiple ways of getting a quest, first you can click on an NPC with a “!” over there head. You can click on “L” or open the quest menu for a list of available quests and click on a link to run to them automatically.

Dragon Born has 2 types of quests. Yellow which indicate a main storyline quest, or Blue which is a repeatable quest (some might be daily or hourly).

Quest that you are currently working on can be tracked in the panel on the right hand side. You can choose up to 5 to track at one time.

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Ok gonna share some info with people on quests and some of the best ways to gain the most experence from them. as some quests tie into each other making for greater experence value.

Supply escort, 3 quests 50k exp,10k aura and a bomb for completing it. Do these quests when no one else is in the area if possible it helps make sure you complete it. Once you have completed all 3, accept the 4 bomb one it will give you a bomb and you can just walk out and drop them all over and be done with it. Go back and complete it. Now you have 3 completed escort pages. Just south of the duke is another guy who gives quests for inn tickets and escort turn in the 3 completed pages and relieve another exp card. Along with the one you get daily this provides double exp from 1 slot.
For a total of 410k+ exp its really based on your level since the exp clock gives more exp at higher levels. I get 200k for a double.

Best Farm Rush, always do this for one of your daily quests since it not only provides you with decent exp it also gives you another exp card to turn in which is another 100k exp for me at least.

Do the highest inn quests possible for your level if you get 1 refresh per inn as a none vip I suggest doing all 5 quests before refreshing then refresh and do the next 5 in each inn. Once you have 50 of the inn tickets you can turn them in for another Inn quest refresh item.

Ill leave this open for others to add info or Ill add info as I remember other options for better questing.

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If your strong enough to do master of past and future quest you may repeat it daily for a little over 200k exp.  also if you stock up on abyss stones and golden beans you can turn those in at rooney the stash keeper for some decent exp and books.  after a certain lvl you will see a quest you can do daily for a free hp and mp infuser which is nice to hold you over for awhile.

Otherwise if your in a guild there are several guild quests you can complete based on guild lvl, as well as circuit quests you can do that will allow you to earn envelopes that can be turned in for another guild quest reward.

If your strong enough you can accept a quest from duke kassell to go into void arena solo.  after picking up the quest talk to antiche down by the stash keeper, check his chat option first, then enter the arena.  then there is a demon at the top talk to him and check his chat option then start it.  there will be small waves of 4 enemies that will come at you.  manage to kill just one to complete the daily quest then you can run south for the exit.  thats 2 free gem bags daily and some exp.  

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How Start Game?

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