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Zhou Yu History [Copy this link to quote]

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Zhou Yu (Gongjin)In TKO is 3 star epic hero! His Strength 71,Leadership 100,  Politics 86, Intellect 92. His Special Ability is 1.IronWall: 20%, 2.Farm: 25%

Zhou Yu (Gongjin) 周瑜 (公瑾) (175–210) was a military general and strategist who servedhis close friend, the warlord Sun Ce, during thelate Han Dynasty period of Chinese history.

Early life and career
Zhou Yu was born in Lujiang Commandery in aninfluential family with many members who served in high ranking positions inthe government. Zhou Yu's grandfather, Zhou Jing, and Zhou Jing's son both tookthe post of Grand Commandant in the Han imperial court. Zhou Yu's father, ZhouYi, was the Chief of Luoyang, the capital city.When the coalition against Dong Zhuowas formed, Zhou Yi led his family to migrate to Lujiang. There, SunJian's son Sun Ce and Zhou Yu studiedtogether and became lifelong friends. Zhou Yu's uncle later became the governorof Danyang under the warlord Yuan Shu , Zhou went visit hisuncle and stayed there, while his best friend, Sun Ce, was planning toestablish independence over the soil of Jiangdong.
Sun Ce, under a commission from Yuan Shu, entered Yang Province to aid hisrelatives, Wu Jing and SunBen, who were attacked by Liu Yao. When Sun was about tocross the Yangtze River to begin his Jiangdong campaign,he sent a letter to Zhou Yu, stating his ambition. In response, Zhou Yu led histroops to Liyang (歷陽, present-day He County, Anhui,China) to catch up with Sun Ce, who exclaimed upon Zhou's arrival, "withyou, greatness can be attained!"

Service under Sun CeZhou Yu was involved in the first half of Sun Ce's campaign to unify YangProvince, wherein the focus was to defeat the warlords in the area. He wascredited with the capture of Hengjiang (橫江; southeast of present-day HeCounty, Anhui,on the northern shore of the Chang River) and Dangli (當利;east of present-day He County, Anhui). After this, Zhou Yu followed Sun Ceacross the Yangtze River and conquered Huji (湖孰; present-day Husu, Jiangning,Jiangsu),Jiangcheng (江乘;near present-day Nanjing,Jiangsu), and Qu'e (曲阿; present-day Situ Town,Jiangsu). The area's strongest opponent, the Inspector of Yang Province, Liu Yao, fled from Moling (秣陵;near present-day Nanjing, Jiangsu) because Sun Ce's forces had been bolsteredby by local peasant forces numbering several tens of thousands. Thinking thathe could complete his objective with these troops, Sun Ce ordered Zhou Yu backto defend Dangyang.
Fed by Sun Ce's victories, Yuan Shu's became more ambitious, to a point thathe wanted to declare himself emperor.Sun Ce sent a letter to Yuan Shu trying to dissuade him from doing so,declaring his loyalty to the Han Emperor Xian, but his counselfell on deaf ears. Yuan Shu sent his cousin to replace Zhou Shang as Administerof Dangyang and kept him and Zhou Yu in Shouchun (present-day ShouCounty, Anhui). In order to control Sun Ce, Yuan Shu had Sun Ce andZhou Yu's families imprisoned. As a result, Zhou persuaded Yuan to grant himthe position of Chief of Juchao, with the intention of escaping and returningto Sun Ce via Juchao (present-day JuchaoDistrict, Chaohu City, Anhui).

MarriageIt was around this time that Zhou Yu and Sun Ce married the Qiaosisters, with Sun Ce marrying the elder Qiao and Zhou Yu theyounger. Very soon afterwards, Sun Ce and Zhou Yu pacified most of YangProvince on the south of the YangtzeRiver and extended their power into the Wuregion and north into the HuaiRiver region, defeating Liu Xun and the remnant forcesof Yuan Shu in the north as well as HuangZu and the forces of Liu Biao to the west.

Serving Sun QuanIn 200, Sun Ce was assassinated and was succeeded by his younger brother, SunQuan. Zhou Yu took control of military affairs while ZhangZhao was in charge of domestic affairs. Around this time, CaoCao defeated Yuan Shao and demanded thatSun Quan send a family member hostage. Zhou Yu advised against sending ahostage. This raised Zhou Yu's prestige within the Sun family, and he wastreated as an older brother by Sun Quan. In 206, Zhou Yuattacked the local bandits and captured over 10,000 people and resettled them.When he was stationed on the border, he repelled an attack by Liu Biao'sgeneral, Deng Long, who was captured in the battle.
In 208, Sun Quan ordered an attack on Jiangxia,which was controlled by Huang Zu. Zhou Yu was assigned the Grand Commander, LüMeng the navy commander, and LingTong the vanguard commander for the campaign. Even the battles wereharder than expected, Huang Zu was ultimately captured and executed.
The Battle of Red Cliffs ensued.Contrary to popular belief, Zhuge Liang did not contributemuch and Zhou Yu was the supreme commander of the united forces against CaoCao. In this battle, a series of stratagems were employed by Zhou Yu to destroyCao Cao's naval fleet. Huang Gai proposed a plan inwhich he pretended to surrender to Cao Cao and infiltrated the enemy camp.There, he set his own ships on fire and rammed them into Cao Cao's ships beforejumping into the river. Many of Cao Cao's ships were set ablaze and he wasforced to flee back to Xuchang.

DeathIn 210, Zhou Yu proposed to Sun Quan his plan to attack Liu Zhang of Yi Province(covering the Sichuan Basin) and unify allof southern China under Sun Quan to resist Cao Cao in northern China. Inaddition, he proposed an alliance with Zhang Lu of Hanzhongand Ma Chao of Liang Province (covering present-day Gansu), whomZhou Yu correctly predicted would soon oppose Cao Cao (Ma Chao rebelled a yearlater, and Zhang Lu supported him). While preparing for the long campaign, hedied at age 35 in Baqiu (present-day Yueyang,Hunan).
Zhou Yu was buried in his ancestral home in Lujiang. Lu Susucceeded him as commander-in-chief of Sun Quan's military, while his oldestson Zhou Xun inherited his titleof nobility.

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last Word By Zhou Yu Before Die: "Heaven has been pushing me around. When there is Zhou Yu Zhuge Liang's why there should be? "
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Zhou Yu was pretty greedy in my eyes, but he was VERY loyal to Wu and only wanted to further expand the greater glory of Wu.

His greed and jealously led to his death, but he will always be noted as a great person, its hard not to admire him and what he stood for.
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Pang Tong History plz
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very nice there.

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zhou Yu and Zhuge Liang.. both smartest
war watcher no troops

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