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Indomitus 1.1: New Features

The Indomitus team is pleased to announce our second server, S2 Lucentum. Players will also be delighted to know that the new server comes with a new version of the game, Indomitus 1.1, which will have several new features designed to provide new players with more assistance, as well as incentivize higher activity.

System Guild:

The System Guild is a feature designed to instantly give new players some, but not all, the benefits of being in a guild. Being in the System Guild will allow players to use guild chat, Guild Research, and familiarize themselves with the benefits that come with joining a guild. Obviously, the hope is that these players will then go on to joining another guild, run by players, or start their own. The System Guild does have its own set of limitations. Not all Guild Research is available to its members, and it lacks any sort of central leaders.

Ask a Moderator:

Now, there is a button at the top of the screen which allows players to send a message directly to a moderator. In the previous version of Indomitus, player had to know the moderators in game name, or they had to go ask a question in the forums, but now, they can directly communicate with someone in charge. This makes it easier for new players to find out how to accomplish certain tasks in the game, or to submit suggestions.

Draw of Champions:

The Draw of Champions is available to players for 7 days after creating a character on the new server. Players will be able to draw a prize 7 times each day, during this period. Each time a player draws a prize, the quality of the next set of prizes will increase. Many of these items are usually only available through special events or the Emporium, so this provides players with a great opportunity to receive some key items early in the game.

Daily Login Prize:

Every day players login to Indomitus, they will receive a login prize which includes number of various resources; this prize is linked to their resource output, and will increase with each consecutive day the player logs in. After 7 days, the prize will top off, and allowing players to maintain this bonus, providing they continue to login each day.

-The Indomitus Team
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