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Player Submitted Guide: How to Beat Baldwin IV of Jerusalem! [Copy this link to quote]

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If you are having trouble beating BaldwinIV of Jerusalem then look no further. Here is some advice on how to beat him from players themselves!

IGN: God
City Hall: 11

Analysis: It can be seen that I won that by a pretty big margin. I'm still sitting on 1k BP and 10k Silver. If I had leveled up my Chivalry to 11, and Scale Mail to 11 chances are I could have won that with just Grismund. The long cooldowns and my lack of time to play keep me from maxing out my equipment and research even though I have the resources to. Maid Marian served her purpose to take a few hits while Saladin pounded away at the Paladin and Grismund pounded away at the top row.

Serpent 2

Conscription: 7
Tempered Steel: 7
Chivalry: 3

Grismund:10:    98-75-60      Bronze Shortsword: 8  Shire Horse: 11 Scale Mail: 7
Maid Marian:8:   65-51-62       ------------------------Shire Horse: 1-------------
Saladin:8:         79-77-82       Bronze Shortsword: 11---------------Scale Mail: 1

Why Grismund? Everyone always plays the same builds in this game. There is absolutely zero creativity. Now the starting hero is going to be Meera or Rickon. Later the choice is going to be Vlad or some version of spearhead as the main. Well everyone else can do what they want, I was unique on S1 and I will be here too XD.

Battle cry reduces all enemy morale by 20 which is significant enough to keep enemies that aren't being hit from using their gambits. It also does a reasonable amount of damage, just less than pinpoint I believe. All in all it's a pretty solid gambit and more useful than Fernando's charge since the damage difference isn't huge and Charge has no other effects.

His unit type Huscarls have a high counterattack rate. Infantry already has block, and so he has a high chance to block or counterattack, either way it's returning damage so his damage output is pretty high.

Why Maid Marian? Well, we don't have much choice. Richard, Robin Hood, Saladin and Maid Marian. I chose Saladin so that's scratched off the list. Richard is a tank, which is alright, but the best defense is a good offense, and entrench does no damage. Robin hood can't block, so he's no good at tanking, and pinpoint fire is just damage, no other benefits. In the short run, he's decent. Long term he's worthless. He's a bad unit type, bad stats, and bad gambit. Maid Marian can block, does reasonable gambit damage, and can STUN. She's obviously the better choice.

Rush does less damage than pinpoint damage, and less than battle cry, but with a half decent horse it'll still make some huge dents. The one turn stun is usually enough to finish off the enemy at such low levels, and one hit less from them may be the deciding factor.

Her unit type sucks. In my opinion though, early game, Infantry are the best type of unit (except for mechanical) because they can block. Not only does that damage the opponent, the blocker takes no damage. As fodder Maid Marian is perfect. Put absolutely nothing on her and she will still contribute a lot. She can block to tank, and she will get out at least 1 rush.

Why Saladin? Reliable damage. A nice steady stream of high damage with the occasional Critical Strike aka close to gambit damage.

No gambit.

Catapults have a high normal attack, defense, and crit rate. They are not to be used for tanking though as they are more like glass cannons imo. A reasonable weapon will result in lots of damage.



Battle Report:

Formation: Serpent Formation 2

Heroes -
Rickon - L11 - Bronze Short Sword & Scale Mail L10
Saladin - L11  - Bronze Short Sword & Scale Mail L10
Richard - L10 - Bronze Short Sword L5 & Scale Mail L10

Research -
Serpent Formation L2
Conscription L10
Tempered Steel L10
Chivalry L10


- Simple strategies really, early game most effective build "in my opinion" normal damage, most important hero would be saladin and rickon, u can have Maid Marian, Meera and Richard as your 3rd choice "don't think it matter to much". I choose Richard for its Entrench skill and to make it more effective, I give him a good set of armour so he won't die in the 1st round, thus enabling him to used his skill on the 2nd round. For normal damage - Serpent formation would the best given that it help to increase your damage output. Gear wise - WEAPON - just make sure each of your mech hero has one =).

Why I like this strategy? cause its simple and easy to execute - why have a complicated one while a simple one would do


IGN : Slytherin
City Hall: Lvl.11

Battle Report : ... 420dd667976fd9d82d7

Heroes Level & Equipment:
Meera                         : Lvl 11 : Rapier Lvl.9 & Silver Chain Mail Lvl.9
Saladin                       : Lvl 8   : Bronze Shortsword Lvl.9 & Scale Mail Lvl.9
Richard The Lion Heart : Lvl 9   : Scale Mail Lvl.9

Formation :
Serpent Formation

Research Upgrade :
Holy Cross Formation Lvl 2
Serpent Formation Lvl 2
Concription Lvl 11
Tempered Steel Lvl 10

Explanation :
I used Meera as my first heroes because he had a good defense skill, his gambit atk (Entrench) is a very very good defense againts gambit & normal atk from the enemy.
I recruit Saladin as my second heroes, because he is a good attacking heroes, he got powerfull normal atk & good critical strike.
I recruit Richard The Lion Heart as my third heroes same reason with Meera, cause his gambit atk (Entrench) is a good defense.

Baldwin IV of Jerusalem, used a Holy Cross Formation as his formation, it means it only have heroes on a up & center to atk me, so I used Serpent Formation to counter attack his formation, I put 2 my defense heroes (Meera & Richard The Lion Heart) in a center & up to counter his attacking unit & put mye attacking heroes (Saladin) in a below, so he can save in there with no one attacking him so he can attack enemy unit with full units.


IGN: Recxan
Town Hall: Lvl 11
BR: ... ca5db915b9da92af9a1

Formation: Serpent from (lvl. 2)
My heroes are:
1. Rickon - (lvl 11) w. Broadsword +125 normal attack, a. scale mail +85 normal defense
2. Maid Marian - (lvl 11) w. Longsword +105 normal attack, a. scale mail +93 normal defense, h. Shire horse + 287 gambit attack
3. Richard the Lionheart - (lvl 9) a. Silver Chain mail + 85 normal defense

Research Upgrade:
a. Conscription - lvl 2
b. Tempered steel - lvl 3
c. Chivalry - lvl 2

I choose serpent form as my formation because senior Lord's Retinu, found at the upper part of the enemy's formation hit's my heroes in a straight line. I don't like my two other heroes be hitted by that single attack. I put Lionheart in the center for him to do his Entrech while my other heroes are hitting the enemy. I put Maid Marian on top because her rush conflicts a great damage (thanks to her shire horse). So she's the one who faces Lord's Retinu. Then I put Rickon on the lower part of my formation, for him to deal strong normal attack to the enemy and for him not to be harmed.  Even though my research on conscription,tempered steel and chivalry are very low, they still very important for me to win the fight. Much more if I upgraded them to higher level.  


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