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[Battle Report June] PvP - Kolier VS. Clight - It's just a matter of formation! [Copy this link to quote]

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So Clight has made me a target cause I'm apparently Most Wanted or possibly Enemy of the State (doubtful) and I'm "easy" prestige for him.  He's beaten me more times than I've beaten him but every time I see mail saying he beat me, I get the urge to try him on again.

So my first battle went like this:

He completely stomps me there,  my gear is so-so for my level.  Atilla and Harald are "geared" out, meaning they have their 4 important slots filled with level 30-40 blue/purple gear, richard is missing a weapon as I'm waiting on my last haute fragment and his mount is only +23 so overall he does next to no damage, he's just a tank.  Joan and William are completely gearless.

His formation, heroes, and gear are deadly.  It appears he's got x30-40+ armor on 3-5 heroes, x30+ cloaks on a few of his heroes and seemingly x40+ mounts on his 2 offensive heroes. And from my guess, x15+ crowns on all but Attila.  So overall he out levels me in gear a fair bit.  That triple Flag Bearer set up acting as shields while he tears through your ranks with his rear gambit heroes is scary. *End comment on BR 1*

So seeing that Alfred still hits like a truck mowing down kittens (poor kitties), I re-arranged my formation like so:

I put my Joan of arc up top as she's the weakest of my set up and therefore the least painful to lose.  I put Harald on bottom with Attila so they could tear up his bottom row asap, costing him a flag bearer and Attila which took off a lot of pressure. (*NOTE* My Attila is rebirthed one time, Richard and Harald are not)

With my (offensively worthless) Richard up top soaking up the damage (taking out Clights bottom row set Richard up to tank his Alfred almost perfectly), it was just a matter of tearing through his remaining heroes 1 turn at a time.

I'm posting these because I feel like I'm at a moderate disadvantage (gear level primarily) against Clight and I'm somewhat happy I can beat him with a little formation tweaking.
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That is great. ^^
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