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[Strategy-1] Manor Development [Copy this link to quote]

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The first thing you'll need to do in Clash of Kingdoms is develop a few manors. Manors are where all your resources are produced and where you recruit units to build an army. The basics are simple: Manors are built in cities, buildings are built in manors, and resources and units are produced by buildings! Now, for more about buildings…

Buildings & Resources

In CoK, manors have many different lots you can build any building on any lot. There are 2 main types of buildings, resource buildings and military buildings. Resource buildings are the most important for your development. Build resource output buildings on the appropriate specialty lots (squares with trees, rocks, iron, or fields on them) for a 100% boost in output! Just keep constantly upgrading these buildings and you’ll be set for resources to keep developing!


Important: Make sure you have a granary and warehouse in each manor to store resources!

On the flatland lots you should build some residences (at least 4 in your capital to start). Residences give you silver and let you create more manors…

Creating More Manors

In the beginning of the game, you want to create more manors as quickly as possible. Each new manor increases your resource output by a significant factor! All you need to do is get some silver, then go to the research menu and upgrade the Empire of One research. Once you upgrade Empire of One, go to the world map and find a city belonging to your Kingdom (with blue borders on the mini-map and your Kingdom’s flag on the world map). Bigger cities will have more specialty resource lots and give much better resource output, so choose carefully!

empire of one.jpg

Manor Types

Because you can have up to 11 manors, you will need to build manors of several different types. Your capital should be balanced, with some residences and military buildings. The next few manors you build should focus mostly on silver output. To raise silver output in the beginning, just build at least 4 manors according to the following formula:
Resource output buildings on specialty lots, one granary and one warehouse, and residences on all remaining lots.

silver manor.jpg

Once you have enough silver to maximize your Empire of One level, you can build a resource manor and a troop factory manor. It's time to start developing your military! Read the military guide for more information.


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