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How to Spend Your Free Gold (Wisely) [Copy this link to quote]

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How to Spend Your Free Gold (Wisely)


So you just won an Event, came across some free gold, or purchased some Gold. You see many places where you can spend it but which are the most efficient? Below is a list of what some of our Expert players think you should spend it on.

1.Impose Taxes
Great way of getting Silver and the first time you impose it only costs 2 Gold. There’s always the chance to win an extra 10 Gold from Imposing Tax.

2.Unlimited “Force Battles” Against Elites
Elites Armies has a limited number of challenges each day, but they drop precious gear and items. Try “Force Battle” if you ran out of Battles, the reward drop rate doubles with Force Battle.

3.Buy and Sell Crowns [VIP 1]
Buy Crowns with a little bit of Gold in the Emporium. Crows can be resold for a lot of Silver. This is a much more efficient way to convert Gold into Silver than Imposing Taxes.

4.Extra Training Slot
Instead of training one Hero at a time you can train multiple Heroes simultaneously. You need many high-level Heroes to perform well.

5.Extra Building Teams.
As buildings level up, their CD (Cooldowns) will become longer. You need more building teams to build more in less time.

By using Gold instead of Battle Points your Heroes will get better results from Enlightening.

7.100% Success Rate [VIP3]
If the Success Rate approaches 90% it might be worth it to spend the small amount of Gold to boost it to 100% than to lose large a amount of Silver.

8.Finish Enhancement Cooldown
When the Success rate is over 90%, it is recommended to use Gold to finish the Cooldown. It will save you silver from failing at lower success rates and help your gear to Enhance faster.

9.Extra Banners [VIP 4]
In addition to one automatic replenish per hour, you can add Banners for gold to complete more Battles.
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Where can I find Emporium?

Click the Gear by the way you need to be at least Level 1 VIP
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