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Newbie in Dynasty Saga?

The fight is always cruel, but don't worry, follow the veteran's hints, you will be able to survive in the Dynasty Saga world.

Level 1~9

Before started, you will need some Basic Knowledge

At the beginning of the game, you will be located at Ping Yuan, where you can only upgrade your buildings to level 9.

Picking Starting Heroes    Basic Guide    Key Point

Crucial Point of this period: The Yellow Turbans Campaign Stage (see Basic Guide)


Level 10~20

After passed the Yellow Turbans Stage, you will be able to move to Luo Yang, and continue to upgrade your city.

At this period, you will need to know:

LV 10~20 to do list

At this period, you will need more powerful generals, so that may be useful for you:

Generals Recommendation    Making your best generals

Train your generals faster

After joined a legion, you will be able to participate to legion battle (Plantation War), so learn more about:

Legion    Legion Battle

Crucial point of this period: The Dong Zhuo Stage (see LV 10~20 to do list)

Level 21~30

At this period, you will be asked to choose a kingdom to join. If you are in a legion, you can only join the kingdom of the legion. To keep the balance of the three kingdoms, independent players will be unable to join a kingdom which is full. Each kingdom has his special epic heroes.

Epic heroes of each kingdom

You will also facing challenge of other players, cause the P V P battles are unlocked right here. So you should learn:

Subjugation    Notoriety System    How to gain prestige

At this period, you will have gradually shortage for silver. Upgrading buildings, enhancing gears and scouting (avaiable at level 30), all need silver. Learn how to become rich:

Instruction for gold and silver     Solution for silver shortage    All Tax Event   

Instruction of Mine War    Mine War: How to get 200K silver

The Crucial points of the Campaign are:

Gongsun Zan Stage & Renegade Forces Stage


Tips for level 1~30 players

Level 31~40

At this period, you may need more techniques & skills to pass campaign stages and fight against other players.

All Unit Types   Generals' Compositions

Crucial point of Campaign: Getting past Zhang Lu


Level 41 and above

Some Key Points:

At level 41, you will have Caravan post and will be able to trade with other players, check

Trading System

When your general reach level 51, you will be able to reincarnate him, see:

Reincarnation      Detail of Reincarnation

At level 82, you will get Textill Mill and after upgrate it to level 82, you will be able to weave. See:


Crucial points of Campaign:

Defeat Liu Biao/Yan Baihu   Campaign Walkthrough


Items Drop From Campaign    Campaign Recuitable Heroes

Overview of Scenario    Region Battle


Other Veterans' Tips


We will keep updating this document and will make it as complete as possible.

To help players share their experience, we have built Dynasty Saga Wiki
Let's complete it!
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