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[Guide] How to obtain Attributes? [Copy this link to quote]

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There are four ways to get attributes points: (What do attributes mean to me?)

1. You will get reward, randomly chosen from the following, when you reach a new level.
a. 1-2 points of HP;
b. 1-2 point of Attribute point, randomly assigned among HP, Strength, Agility and Speed.
c. Non-attribute bonus.
For example: When your character upgrades to Lv 2, he get HP +2, Spd +1, obtained skill Martial Mastery.

This means that your character gets HP +2 bonus from (a), one Attribute point from (b) and a skill (Martial Mastery) from c.
(How to upgrade my character?)

2. Treasure chests
You have 65% chance to get +2 extra Attribute points from treasure chests.
(How to obtain treasure chests?)
3. Character Attribute Enhance Skills (How to obtain skills?)
Superman Strength Str +5
Swift Movements Agi +5
Burning Wheels Spd +5
Vitality  HP +20
The Middle Way Str +3 Agi +3 Spd +3

You can only use the above skills to enhance the attribute of your character once. The attribute bonus enhanced by these skills will not increase as the level of your character increases!

4. Items in the shop (What benefit do items in the shop have?)
Some items that you bought from the store will largely increase your attributes.

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really? o.o my attributes havent risen at all since i started and im level 7 O_O level 2 and 3  players still beat me

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nice one

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