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Because of growing levels of multi-account abuse in past weeks, we’ve recently locked flagged accounts. In the interest of preserving game balance, players are forbidden to use multiple accounts on a single server. Access to CoK is restricted to one account per computer; please follow these guidelines to avoid getting flagged for multi-account abuse.

Rules and Regulations:

1.      What is multi-account abuse?
Multi-account abuse refers to using several accounts on a single computer to log in during a short time period.
Access with 2 or more accounts on the same computer within 1 day will be flagged as multi-account abuse.
Access with 4 or more accounts on the same computer within 3 days will be flagged as multi-account abuse.

2.      What happens if my account is flagged for multi-account abuse?
A. Accounts flagged within 1 day after a new server opens will get a warning;
B. Accounts flagged within 2-3 days after a new server opens will be locked for 3 days;
C. Accounts flagged 4 or more days after a new server opens will be locked permanently;
D. Entrusting others to manage your account is forbidden, and your account will be flagged for multi-account abuse when they log in to the game;
E. If you believe your account has been locked without valid reason, please contact Customer Service to provide any evidence in support of your case (

Please protect the security of your account. (Don’t share your password with anyone!) If your account security is compromised, please notify us as soon as possible so that we can temporarily lock the account and limit damages.

Clash of Kingdoms Team

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