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Dear players,

In order to improve server performance and provide better game experience, we perform a daily maintenance on all servers of Clash of Kingdoms everyday from 4:00AM to 4:30AM (Server Time).

During the maintenance, all queues in the game will follow these rules:

1. The following conditions will NOT be affected by the daily maintenance. For example, if a countdown should end at 5:00 AM and maintenance starts from 4:00AM to 4:30AM, it will not be affected by the maintenance, that is, it will still end on 5:00 AM after server restart.

a) Building queues;

b) Recruitment queues;

c) Resource output;

d) Hero recovery countdown;

e) Hero stamina restoration;

f) Election start and finish time;

g) The 24-hour wait before abandoning a new manor & the 72-hour wait before sending aid for a new account;

h) Event time (only if maintenance occurs during an event);

i) Mail expiration time;

j) The wait between Diplomatic Relation adjustments.

2. The following conditions will be affected by the countdown. For example, if a countdown should end at 5:00 AM and maintenance starts from 4:00AM to 4:30AM, it will be delayed by the maintenance, that is, it will now end at 5:30 – 30 minutes after the scheduled time.

a) Units marching from one location to another;

b) Battle;

c) Stimulus Tasks and City Development Plans (including all related countdowns and effects)

d) Effect countdown for items (output boost, building queue expansion, Hero stat boost, and Hero EXP bonuses)

Hopefully this will answer some of your questions regarding Daily Maintenance. Routine maintenance is necessary for the data storage and processing, we apologize in advance for the inconvenience, and thank you for understanding.

Thanks for your support of Clash of Kingdoms, and happy playing!

Clash of Kingdoms Team

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