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Beginner's Guide: The first seven days [Copy this link to quote]

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Contents: Beginner's Guide Username: 1145075817 Lord's name: JiaBao-yu Server Name: S45 Five Elements Position in League: Member Story or guide: What to perform (and achieve) in the first seven days During the first seven days, you will enjoy Beginner's Protection (BP). This is the period when you cannot be attacked by other players. This gives you a chance to do two important things: - Develop resources to support your city and its population - Build your army, the defence force in particular, to protect your city I have compiled some tips on how to achieve those two objectives; here they are... PART I. RESOURCE MANAGEMENT Tip #1 Upgrade resources evenly Gradually and steadily upgrade your resource squares (farmlands, iron mines, stone mines and timberlands). Aim to have all squares at level 5 or more at the end of BP period. While tools (mill, iron field, quarry and logging camp) can "boost" output, keep them at level 1 during BP period as it is more beneficial to upgrade the level of the resource squares. You can upgrade the tools when your resource squares are already at higher levels. Tip #2 Upgrade storage facilities to keep up with increase in resource production Keep an eye on the hourly production rate (right pane, under your city name). Build and upgrade granary, warehouse and hidden warehouse to store them. When storage is full, your resource production will be wasted. Tip #3 Perform daily quests Go to [Quest]. There are three activities in the Daily Quest that you can do to obtain some resources: - 3Kingdoms Quiz: Answer a question to receive rewards (vary). You can do this hourly. - Book of Heroes: Recommend a name (follow the instruction on the screen) to receive 100 units of each resource. You can do this hourly. - Noble's Stipend: When you have raised your nobility status to at least Baron (see Tip #12), you can claim daily stipend (vary depending on nobility status and resource output level) Tip #4 Perform faction quests Go to [Quest]. There are a number of missions available at the Faction Quests, some will reward you with resources should you choose to embark on and complete the mission. PART II. ARMY MANAGEMENT Tip #5 Join a good league Eventually, your Counsellor will advise you to establish or join a league. For most people, I would recommend joining a league. Choose a good and strong league. League members can help you answer your questions. They will also be able to provide support when you are under attack (after BP period is over). Tip #6 Increase experience of your heroes Increase experience of your heroes to upgrade their levels. 6a. Send your heroes to Tower of Trials: your hero will undergo a 6-hour rigorous training session, during which period he is not available for other tasks. It will cost 2 golds per hero per session, one is given free daily. After the trial, your hero will obtain thousands points of additional experience. 6b. Have your heroes perform duels: Go to Faction Map. Select a territory. Click on a general to challenge him to a duel. It will cost 2 golds to challenge the camp boss (use gift voucher). After the duel, your hero will obtain a few hundreds points of additional experience. NOTE Both Tower of Trials and Faction Map are available on the left-hand collapsible navigation bar Tip #7 Equip your heroes During the course of the game you will receive numerous items: armors, weapons, mounts, skillbooks etc. Use them to equip your heroes to increase their attribute values. Tip #8 Build and upgrade military facilities Build and upgrade career center, command center, barrack, drill ground, armorsmith and weaponsmith Rule of thumb regarding timing (when to build): Follow your counsellor's advice. Upgrade the buildings with one objective: To build your strongest defensive infantry force. For Wei this will be Heavy Infantry. Tip #9 Build and equip your city wall City wall plays a very important role in your city defense. Build and upgrade your city wall to level 10. Build a lot of defense devices (rolling logs, rolling stones, barricades, traps), subject to availability of resources. Tip #10 Build your army When you have your barrack up, there is one type of soldier you can recruit. For Wei, this is Swordman. Build (through recruitments and rewards) 75 of this "default" soldier type a.s.a.p. This troop can be used for most of Faction Quests missions that require deployment of an army. After you meet all requirements to create your strongest defensive infantry force (see Tip #8), recruit 100 of them. NOTE You will need to perform and complete a research on this type of soldier (at your Drill Ground) before you can start recruiting. PART III. GENERAL IDEAS Tip #11 Listen to your Counsellor Go to [Quest]. The Main Task section contains things your Counselloradvise you to perform. Although some of his advice is a bit"ambitious", most of them are worthy to follow. Tip #12 Upgrade your nobility status to Baron Baron status will allow you to: - assign heroes to roles, which in turn will increase your army attack/defense and intellect/politic - claim daily stipend (see Tip #3) When your residents/citizens has reached 100, you will be able to use General's Gift, available in your Treasury. The gift contains some tribute tokens which you can use to acquire Baron title. After you acquire some tribute tokens: Go to [Quest]. Select Court Quest. Donate some tribute tokens. Tip #13 Don't be cheap! Use items in your treasury, especially if your Counsellor advise you to. The most important item during BP period is the Emperor's Order (3 days). When you have it at your disposal, use it! You will receive a lot of privileges for the next three days. That's it! Enjoy the game...

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I tend to wait to use the EP until after BP. It can be best used when you have more than one city. Just my perspective

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