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[Writing Contest] [S27 Flexibility] [NullaClementia] Chapter II: HD & PiH [Copy this link to quote]

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Chapter II: Heroic Deeds & Plan In Hand

This guide is continuous from Chapter I: Your First 100 Citizen (Population)
Just like the title, it's a simple & direct guide for Heroic Deeds (HD) & Plain In Hand (PiH) quest.

1.1 Create 10x Rolling Stone on your City Wall (Reward refer at the end of this guide)
1.2 Open Soldier's Gift
- Small Resource Pack (All), Iron Wall (Grade I), Scroll of Experience (500), Tribute Token, Meteor Steel Blade, Insight Iron Helm, Earth Chain Armor & Earth Iron Murror

(Blessings) Soldier's Gift : Open Soldier's Gift
- 1 Governor's Gift

2. I will show you basic info for Hero Profile so you can do the quest guide on this page.

Name Your Hero now.
(HD) Nomination : Bestow a name to your hero
- 1 Serpent Spear

3. Equip Serpent Spear, and 6 others equipment [Glove can obtain in (PiH) Open Mind : Use the LEAGUE channel]
(HD) Bestow Treasure : Equip the Serpent Spear for your hero
- 1 Sword of Star
(HD) Captured Treasure : Equip a hero with 3 equipment
- 1 Crescent Whirl Halberd
(HD) Gadget Hero : Equip your hero with 7 equipments
- 1 Strategies of the Warring States

4. I will show you basic info for Governor's House so you can do the quest guide on this page.

(HD) Appoint Governor : Appoint a Governor
- 200W 200S 200I 200F & 1 Counter, Level 1
(HD) A Long Talk : Meet your hero
- 1 Cleave, Level 1 & 1 Lord Lu's Secret Scrip.t

5. Go back to Governor's house to Impose Tax
(HD) Imposing Tax : Impose tax
- 1 Craft of Architecture

6. Go to Hero Profile learn an ability and up 1 level (make sure to use the free Panacea)

(HD) Level Up : Increase the level of one hero
- 100W 100S 100I 100F
(HD) Champion's Skill : Learn a Ability Scroll with your hero
- 1 Ironskin, Level 1

7. Return again and up another level and use the free Panacea.
(HD) Surpass Oneself : Use Panacea when hero upgrades
- 100W 100S 100I 100F

8. In Governor's House do an Inspection then go to Grand Melee > Battle Arena & challenge any Hero.
(HD) Travel Incognito : Inspection
- 1 Treasured Bolus
(HD) Duel with Rival : Join the arena for 1 challenge.
- 1 Ruthless Elephant & 15 Tribute Token [size=50%]

9.1 Go back to Battle Arena. Select [Quit Arena]. Choose another Hero & select [Auto Signup]. (Automatically do 10 challenges for you, only can use once per day)

9.2 Quest > Court Quest > Donate Tribute. You should have 20 Tribute Token. Donate all 20 & you'll promote to Baron.
9.3 Duel any General on the Faction Map.
*You can refer to the Faction Map for this quest.
9.4 Hero Profile > Click button next to [Unassigned Status Point] to rebuild your hero status.
(HD) For the Glory : Increase your rank to Baron.
- 1 Farm, Grade I
(HD) Reveal Power : Send your hero for a duel
- 1 Veteran Curved Blade
(HD) Duel with Rival : Join the arena and have 10 challenges.
- 1 Cloud Sage Crest
(HD) Talent Redistribution : Rebuild a hero
- 100W 100S 100I 100F

10.1 Send your Heroes to fight Generals in Faction Map. You can send your both Heroes. It'll take 10 mins for go/return. Mean it'll take at least 50mins to finish the next quest.
10.2 Message > Reports > Duel > Any Report. Click the [View Animation].

(HD) Clear Scourge : Send hero to have 10 duels
- 1 Azure Purse Book
(HD) Duel of the Braves : Check and watch the process of a duel
- 100W 100S 100I 100F
(HD) Advanced Learning : Teach your hero to learn the Book of Farm, Grade I
- 1 Encourage, Grade II
(HD) Helpful Assistant : Appoint one of your hero as Private B
- 1 Infantry Leader, Grade I
(HD) Helpful Assistant : Appoint one of your hero as Clerk B
- 1 Smelt, Grade I

11. Tower of Trials > Send any Hero for 6 hours to earn bonus EXP. One free trial per day.
*You can refer to the Hourly & Daily Quest~ for this quest.
(HD) Seeking Enlightenment : Try your hero in the Tower of Trials
- 100W 100S 100I 100F

12.1 Messages > New OR Map > Click any City > Click Deliver a message (icon), and many other way to send a message to a player.

12.2 Finish any faction quest.
*You can refer to the Hourly & Daily Quest~ for this quest.
12.3 Create or join any league. (It's best to join league for new comer)

(PiH) Message Doves : Send a message to another player.
- 1 Book of Odes
(PiH) Vocal Voice : Finish a faction quest
- 100W 100S 100I 100F
(PiH) You are not Alone : Join or create a league
- 1 Three Secret Strategy
(PiH) Not Alone : Increase your league members to 10
- 1 Small Resource Pack (Food)
(PiH) Not Alone : Increase your league members to 20
- 1 Small Resource Pack (Iron)
(PiH) Not Alone : Increase your league members to 30
- 1 Small Resource Pack (Stone)
(PiH) Not Alone : Increase your league members to 50
- 1 Small Resource Pack (Wood)

13. Chat in LEAGUE and WORLD channel

(PiH) Open Mind : Use the LEAGUE channel
- 1 Windfire Leather Gloves (finish Gadget Hero)
(PiH) Shout-out : Say something in the WORLD channel
- 1 Falcon War Horse

14. Go to Market. Sell any resources there. Complete the quest, then go back and buy any resources.

PiH) City Merchant : Sell resource in the Market.
- 1 Emperor's Order (3 days)
(PiH) City Merchant : Buy resource in the Market to buy some resources
- 1 Brionac Flower Robe

15. Change your City Name. By now your 10x Rolling Stone should have done setup.

(PiH) Name a City : Change the name of your city.
- 1 Da-Wan Horse
(PiH) Impeccable Defense : Make 30 City Defensive Devices
- 10 Rolling Log

Now you are ready for the last of beginner trilogy guide.
[size=150%]Chapter III: Calls to Arm
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good way to play, but always remember that the way you play not must use the game guide above, you can always try and choose different style of gaming

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