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50 coupons a day for first 3 days? [Copy this link to quote]

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Ok I have been patient, and never saw the 50?

Also what about the info on the shop will have places that will accept the coupons too(I dont mean the Black Market).

Great game by the way, I think I may stick around if you folks keep your word.

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Where u find that word : 50 coupons a day for first 3 days?
I can only see this event in S2 : ... &extra=page%3D1

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2# 1586896331@facebook

This is the Qoute,
S2 opening event
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To welcome Mythopolis citizens to our new server S2, we prepare rich presents to help you have a better beginning of your career. Come and see what you can get in the new server!

Event 1 – Buy Drachmas and win extra present
During the first 3 days of the new server S2, if you buy 50 Drachmas in total, you can get a Soulless Creature as a reward. Act now!

1. This present will be sent automatically by system after you reach the requirementsand this is the link

2. Every player only can get one present from this event.

Event time
From 00:00 August 30th to 24:00 September 1st , 2010, PDT

Present: Elemental Siren     
A soulless creature, with a heart as cold as the sea, and a voice as beautiful as her gleaming visage.
Effect: speed + 4; +4 in Agility in duels

Event 2 - Be the ruler
The Ranking in game shows who is the real ruler in Mythopolis. To reward their excellent performance and continued efforts in developing city and resources, they deserve VIP honor. After opening new server for 7days, we prepare reward for the top ten players of the Player Ranking

Event time: From 00:00 August 30th to 24:00 September 5th, 2010, PDT
The result of this event will be based on the ranking at 24:00 September 5th
The reward will be sent to you in the next day.

The Player ranking top 1 can get VIP membership (30 days)
The Player ranking top 2~3 can get VIP membership (7 days)
The Player ranking top 4~10 can get VIP membership (3 days)

About VIP membership
Sacred Blessing is a blessing from the gods for Gold VIP Players. Benefits include:
Resource Ouput +30%. Silo Capacity x 5 Recruitment Speed +5%/10%/15% (increases monthly). 2 Extra Building Queues. Caravan Transport Speed + 50%/75%/100% (increases monthly). Marching Speed +5%/10% (increases monthly). May fortify Guard Tower automatically. Unit Attack and Defense +10%.Unlocks Autobuild. May assign automated trade routes.

Event 3 Gift Vouchers for all servers
When you first login one server, you can get 50 Gift Vouchers, you can use them to experience the payment functions.

Finish now immediately finishes construction tasks and building upgrades.
Titanic Hammer empowers workers to finish construction immediately, and for half the resources.
Fast Recall instantly calls back a hero who has fled or is recuperating from battle.
Healing Light instantly renews a hero's Life.
Offer a Gift uses a gift, instead of resources, to recruit a hero in the tavern.
Offer a Toast instantly refreshes the hero list in the tavern.
Duel with Zodiac Guardian challenges one of the twelve Zodiac Guardians to a duel.
Military Draft utilizes all available resources to help you recruit troops at maximum efficiency.
Black Market sells resources and allows you to redistribute your existing reserves.

and this is the link

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