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How does this damn Diplomat work? Sometimes when I send him along on a Destroy attack no effect is reported at all. OK, so maybe the defender has an Acroplis or Temple and maybe that results in no effect on loyalty? But sometimes the Battle Report says there is a 20% drop in Loyalty. Do it five more times and the sixth attack results in a report of a 0% drop in Loyalty, presumably because the defender has no loyalty left. But I still don't get control of the city! The defender's pop is only 6 or 8, so he can't have a Temple or Acropolis yet, and I've got enough Commerce for a dozen more cities. What gives?

Also, I can't build a second set of Pioneers or a second Diplomat. Ever?

And is the statement above that you can't build Pioneers if you have a Diplomat true?

I'm on Server III, btw. Mythopolis ver. 1.2.

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