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why dont kok lunatic fight boss 9 [Copy this link to quote]

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vitnamese , the best clan, won bos10
and we stuck in boos 8 for weeks although we won?

ay didnt update signups, or if he did,why not fight boss9 ?

here is list of rings i got, before i join kok lunatic, i had one ringtones free

1% vital, 1% vital root of evil ring( the one i had before kok lunatic)

1% shield wall, 1% first strike golden armored immo

2% counter attack. 3% vital blow frozen demon god

2% evasive, 3% vital, frozen demon god

1% tiger blow, 2% critical hit , killer bees

2% tiger blow , 3% first strike, frozen demon god

2% counter attack, 3% vital blow AGAIN! frozen demon god

2% critical hit , 3% evasive dance frozen demon god

2% tiger blow, 3% vital blow frozen demon god

1% combo strike, 1% critical hit golden armored immo

3% vital blow 4% combo strike greed butcher ring

1% shield wall 1% first strike golden immo

1% vital blow 1% counter attack golden immo

1% evasive dance 1% tiger blow golden immo

3% critical hit 2% tiger blow frozen demon god

and my current in use ring

3% shield wall 4% critical hit greed butcher

all those rings except first are obtained in kok lunatic

why not fight boss9 and im sure we can win with all those level 55s we have
and even try with boss10 !

why not?
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