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[Event] 10th-13th Event!! [Copy this link to quote]

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Event 1: Four Days Challenge and Get Reward!

Duration: Nov.10th 00:00 to Nov.13th23:59 (PST)

Servers: L33- L34


OnNovember.10th,Youwill receive WroughtGold x5 aftercompleting 3 challenges in Last Man Standing. Limit of 1 per player.

OnNovember.11th, You will receive GemRemove Pliersx10after completing 3 challenges in Historical Campaigns. Limit of 1 per player.

OnNovember.12th, You will receive BeastChestx10 after successfully occupying another player's plantation once in aPlantation Battle. Limit of 1 per player.

OnNovember.13th, You will receive CleanJade Chestx3 after successfully occupyinganother player's plantation once in a Plantation Battle. Limit of 1 per player.


1.Players can claim rewards from the Events and Announcements panel.

2.Prize details`

*Wrought Gold: Embed Wrought Gold in Gear while Enhancing to increase the chanceof success by 50%.

*Gem Remove Pliers: Can be used to remove the gem in the gear, will be brokenafter use.

*BeastChest: Receive White colour beast orderx5 or Green colour beast orderx5 or Bluecolour beast orderx5 upon use

*CleanJade Chest: Receive Flaming Jade IIx100 or Flaming Jade IIIx100 or Flaming JadeIVx100 or Flaming Jade Vx100 upon use

Event 2: Good Chance to Learn Ability!

Duration:Nov.10th 00:00 to Nov.13th 23:59 (PST)

Servers: L33- L34


During the event or the successrate will be 100% for the first 2 times to learn ability during the event.

Event 3: Add Gold and High Level Gems!

Duration:Nov.10th 00:00 to Nov.13th 23:59 (PST)

Servers: L33- L34

During this event,
For every 100 gold added will receive Gem Pouchx2 the next day, limit of 3 per player per day.

What’s more,

For 1000 gold added will receive Grade VIEmerald Packx5+ Grade VI Black Onyx  Packx5+ Grade VIOpal  Packx5+ Grade VI Spinel Packx5+ Lv.6 Gems Chestx5the next day, limit of 1 per player per day.
For 3000 gold added will receive Grade VII Spinel Packx5+ Grade VII Emerald  Packx5+ Grade VII BlackOnyx  Packx5+ Grade VII Opal Packx5+ Lv.7 Gems Chestx5 thenext day, limit of 1 per player per day.
For 5000 gold added will receive Grade VIII Spinel Packx5+ Grade VIII Emerald  Packx5+ Grade VIII Black OnyxPackx5+ Grade VIII Opal Packx5+ Lv.8 Gems Chestx5 the next day,limit of 1 per player per day.


*Gem Pouch: Open and receive: Grade II RedGem  Packx1 or Grade II Yellow Gem  Packx1 or Grade II Blue Gem Packx1 or GradeII Green Gem Packx1 or Grade II Moonstone Packx1 or Grade II Olivine  Packx1or Grade II Garnet  Packx1 or Grade IITopaz  Packx1

*Grade VI Emerald Pack: Receive a piece of Grade VIEmerald.

*Grade VI Black Onyx  Pack: Receive a piece of Grade VIBlack Onyx upon use.

*Grade VI Opal  Pack: Receive a piece of Grade VIOpal upon use.

* Grade VI Spinel Pack: Receive a piece of Grade VISpinel.

*Lv.6 Gems Chest: Open and receive one offollowing gemsLv.6 Red Gemx1Lv.6 Yellow Gemx1Lv.6 Blue Gemx1Lv.6 GreenGemx1Lv.6 Red Sparx1Lv.6 Yellow Sparx1Lv.6 Blue Sparx1Lv.6 Green Sparx1Lv.6Emeraldx1Lv.6 Black Onyxx1Lv.6 Opalx1Lv.6 Spinelx1Lv.6 Moonstonex1Lv.6Olivinex1Lv.6 Garnetx1Lv.6 Topazx1

Event 4: Winder EffectMedal Give Away!

Duration:Nov.10th 00:00 to Nov.13th 23:59 (PST)

Servers: L33- L34

For every 50 gold used will receive War Manualx3+Literary Prize Chestx3 the next day,limit of 5 per player per day.
For every 300 gold used will receive God HeartTreatisex5+Warcraft Scrollx3+Suntouched Boxx3 thenext day, limit of 10 per player per day.

What's more,
For 500 gold used will receive Sidpaho effect and launch rate and leadership boosting weaponx1+ SidpahoScroll IIx2 after the end of the event, limit of 1 per playerduring this event

For 1000 gold used will receive Tear of theGoddess effect and launch rate and leadership boosting armorx1+ Tear of theGoddess Scroll IIx3 after the end of the event, limit of 1 perplayer during this event

For  2000 gold used will receive Lv.70Winder effect and launch rate and leadership boosting medalx1+ Winder ScrollIIx4 after the end of the event, limit of 1 per player duringthis event

For 4000gold used will receive lv.50 Protective Infernoeffect and launchrate and Politics and Upper Hand effect boostingweaponx1(Politics is 50%higher than other gears)+ Upper Hand Chestx1+ UpperHandTraining Scroll IIx10 after the end of the event, limit of1 per player during this event.

1. Gold used is calculated on a daily basis.
2. Rewards will be sent to players' Inventory at 3:00 am the day.
3. Gold used on Bronze Seals, Gold Bricks, and Jade Seals will not be countedin.
4. Prize Details:
* War Manual: ReceiveHealing Hands Scroll I x 1, Bloodthirsty Scroll I x 1, City Attack Scroll I x1, Spiritism Scroll I x 1, Shortcut Scroll I x 1, Wall reinforcement Scroll I x1, Proud Scroll I x 1, Submerge Scroll I x 1, Renew Life Pill Scroll I x 1,Misdirection Scroll I x 1, Dark Star Slay Scroll I x 1, Light Body Skill ScrollI x 1, Lurk Scroll I x 1, Jadebust Scroll I x 1, Sidpaho Scroll I x 1, FollowThe Victory Scroll I x 1, Acupuncturists Scroll I x 1 or Cure Scroll I x 1.
*Literary Prize Chest: Uponopening randomly receive a Level 2 Training Scroll (Lion's Roar, Thicket ofSpears, Flaming Arrows, Rebel Yell, Kamikaze, Mounted Bowmen, Pyromaniac,Devilish Plot, Hero's Valor, Captain's Courage, Stunning Might, and TempestFury).
*God Heart Treatise: Receiveone of following scrolls: ; Blood Tonic Scroll IX1; Telekinesis Scroll IX1;Maraud Scroll IX1; Dark Star Sword Scroll IX1; Warrior Heart Scroll IX1; PerishTogether Scroll IX1; Shining Scroll IX1; Winder Scroll IX1; Emergency TreatmentScroll IX1; Call Out Scroll IX1; Black Powder Scroll IX1; Worships Scroll IX1;Wall Repair Scroll IX1; Lofty Spirit Scroll IX1; Broken the Jade Scroll IX1;Yin-Yang Symbol Scroll IX1; Tear of the Goddess Scroll IX1; Enrage Scroll IX1;Miracle Healers Scroll IX1; Battering Ram Scroll IX1; Swamp Scroll IX1 .
*Warcraft Scroll:Receive Healing Hands Scroll I x 3, Bloodthirsty Scroll I x 3, City AttackScroll I x 3, Spiritism Scroll I x 3, Shortcut Scroll I x 3, Wall reinforcementScroll I x 3, Proud Scroll I x 3, Submerge Scroll I x 3, Renew Life Pill ScrollI x 3, Misdirection Scroll I x 3, Dark Star Slay Scroll I x 3, Light Body SkillScroll I x 3, Lurk Scroll I x 3, Jadebust Scroll I x 3, Sidpaho Scroll I x 3,Follow The Victory Scroll I x 3, Acupuncturists Scroll I x 3 or Cure Scroll I x3.
*Suntouched Box: Receiveone of following scrolls: ; Blood Tonic Training Scroll IIX1; TelekinesisTraining Scroll IIX1; Maraud Training Scroll IIX1; Dark Star Sword TrainingScroll IIX1; Warrior Heart Training Scroll IIX1; Perish Together TrainingScroll IIX1; Shining Training Scroll IIX1; Winder Training Scroll IIX1;Emergency Treatment Training Scroll IIX1; Call Out Training Scroll IIX1; BlackPowder Training Scroll IIX1; Worships Training Scroll IIX1; Wall RepairTraining Scroll IIX1; Lofty Spirit Training Scroll IIX1; Broken the JadeTraining Scroll IIX1; Yin-Yang Symbol Training Scroll IIX1; Tear of the GoddessTraining Scroll IIX1; Enrage Training Scroll IIX1; Miracle Healers TrainingScroll IIX1; Battering Ram Training Scroll IIX1; Swamp Training Scroll IIX1
* Sidpaho: The magicarts which invented by Zhuge Liang.Can trapped serval troops in the dreamland,freeze them and let them unable to move,  also more difficult to beattakced.Higher specialty level ,the longer the duration of the ability.
* Tear of the Goddess: Whilecommanding Royal Guard,Imperial Escort or First Cavalry. Will give your troop aBuff.During the Buff existence, the health of your troop will be restored inevery round.The more health of your troops, the more health can be restored,but the health can not exceed the health limit of your troop.Higher specialtylevel can restore more health.Higher Intellect boosts the effect.
* Winder: A fastgrowing plant which was found by Zhuge Liang, it can winds and ruin all nearbyliving things.While commnding cavalry, set up this plant onto the battlefield,and it can winds and made damage to the passing enemies.Higher specialty levelcan increase damage it make and the amount of troops it winds.

-The Clash of Kingdoms Team

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Is something wrong with the servers? Every server I click on to start the game takes me to the Nginx page except for L33 and L32 which are closed to new character creation. I've played CoK on and off for probably 2 years and it seems no server which has my previous content is still open.

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