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A Brief Introduction to Indomitus


What is Indomitus?

Welcome to Indomitus. In Indomitus, thousands of players are divided into one of four Tribes. You and thousands of other players in your Tribe must work together to defend and expand your Tribe.

What is a Tribe?

You automatically join a Tribe as soon as you enter the game. Your Tribe's name appears under your name on the top-left panel. You can speak to your fellow patriots in the chat box at the bottom-left corner.


Tribe members join guilds and are lead by Guild Commanders. Guilds and Guild Commanders work together to ensure extra organization and camaraderie within the Tribe. Good Guild Commanders working together will lead your Tribe to victory.

How to Win?

Each Tribe starts with one Capital City and four smaller cities. Cities are the main targets in Indomitus. Your goal is to work together with other players in your Tribe and capture all cities on the map to win. Join a Guild early and follow the commands of your Guild Commander to lead attacks and capture more cities. Victory in this game requires the combination of great teamwork and excellent leadership.


Hundreds of players can send troops to participate in a single city siege, so planning, cunning strategy, and strong leadership within your Tribe are vital. An attack is only effective when it is well planned and well organized. Follow your leaders to succeed!

What should I do first?

As the game tutorial has briefly introduced, your first goal is to develop your first manor, recruit powerful heroes in the Altar of Heroes, join a guild, and establish new manors. Later on, you may want to research technology, and draft an army. We encourage you to follow the Missions while starting out, as they will guide you in greater detail on how to achieve the goals listed above.


Read More:

If you've got a question, search the New Player's FAQ. You can get most of your answers there.

Thread Link:  Got questions? We got answers.

If you want to read more about a specific feature in the game, check out our complete game guide!

Thread Link:  Indomitus Encyclopedia


                                                    Detailed Guides:

                                                                                 [Guide-1] Manor Development | [Guide-2] Military Development | [Guide-3] Attacking Cities


-The Indomitus Team
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