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Advanced Guide - For Levels 36-60 [Copy this link to quote]

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Advanced Guide

This guide should be considered an overview for levels 36-60. We will give you some main points and ways to succeed during this time. We strongly urge you at this point to read a lot of the other Guides and they go into more detail with regards to specific subjects. As with all of our guides if you would like to comment on this or create your own guide please visit the Guides and Walkthrough section on the forums.

PVP is the name of the game at these levels.
You will have to fight for everything. You will have to fight for all your Grain and Silver and there will be less room and more people to fight with. You will also need subjects and the biggest thing of all, Prestige. Sure there are other ways to gain Prestige but the best is by going to other Cities and beating the prestige out of them.

Do not waste Silver, as it is EXTREMELY important.
During these levels you will find things are costing more and more, and you are going to have to fight for your Silver, take advantage of selling Grain, Silver Mines, Mine Wars, Taxes, your Title, Trading, and your Subjects. Make sure you money making buildings are leveled up. And do not waste!

Get 5 Heroes ASAP.
You will need 15000 and a Level 10 Formation to be able to use your 5th Hero, but as soon as you can it will be well worth it to use them in battle.

Pick and choose your Battles wisely.
Now that you are level 36 you do not have to be babied anymore. All Battles will not cost Banners, whether you win or lose. So do you research and make sure that if you do have to battle, you will win!

Battle Points are more Costly than ever.
Now you will need your Battle Points for lots of expensive research, adding exp to Heroes when leveling, and Enlightening.  Do not forget to get to get your Battle Points not only from Campaign but you can now gain a lot from Daily Tasks!

After reading these detailed guides below, you will
surely master this game:

Formation - Brief Overview and Tips on Formations

Siege, Gambit or Spell - A guide to the three types of Attacks.

Scout Guide - Orange Mount, Orange Cape and How to get them.

Prestige - A Guide to Earning and Using Prestige.

Troop Type - A Detailed List on the Troop Types.

Reborn Guide - Important Info about Being Reborn

Daily Quest - The Only Way you can get high quality Enchanted Items

Prestige - A Guide to Earning and Using Prestige.

Mine Wars Guide - Player Submitted Guide to Mine Wars

Invasion - How to Invade and Get Resources.
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