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Equipment Guide - Information on Types of Equipment and Usage [Copy this link to quote]

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Equipment Guide

More than likely if you’re reading this guide you are somewhat familiar with this game. This guide is designed to give you main points on why gear is important and how to use gear in the correct way.  By making use of this guide you will be able to become better at The Chronicles of Merlin and have a edge on your opponents.

Understand the types of Equipment.

        Weapons only increase Normal Attack Damage.  

        Armor increases Defense against Normal Attacks only.
        Mounts only increase Gambit Attack Damage.
        Cloaks increase Defense against Gambit Attacks only.
Enchanted Items

        Enchanted Items increase Spell Attack Damage.
        Crowns increase Unit Size.

Understand the Different Colors and what to look for.

Gear comes in different colors and each color represents a quality. The following are the different types of colors listed from common to very unique.
1.    White (Which can be bought in the Armory).
2.    Green
3.    Blue
4.    Purple
5.    Orange
6.    Red

    When looking at your gear the most important thing to note is how much the piece
increases with every level up. You can find this by looking at the stat: Next Level X [Stat]. Even though a piece of armor might have a higher base stat after you add upgrades it will not match a piece with a higher upgrade stat.

Upgrade, Upgrade, Upgrade!
    Aside from the color of gear upgrades are everything. If you do not upgrade your armor you might as well just not wear any. Now you might want to focus on upgrading different pieces for different types of Heroes, but you must upgrade whenever you can. It can increase stats immensely, for instance the Double Grasp Sword starts with a base +35 Normal Attack but upgraded to level 30 it has a +355 Attack.

Where to find great armor.
    The first thing you must do is use your Scouts! The best Cloaks and Horses will come from them. Your Weapons and Armor will come from drops in Campaign modes. Enchanted Items come from Daily Quests.

Only buy Gear for Heroes that can use it!
    It is important to note that not all Heroes need all pieces of Gear. Armor will be used for all but you want to focus your development of those for those on the front lines. Crowns can also be used by all to increase the troop size. Cloaks will also be used by all to defend against Gambit Attacks. Mounts will be used by Gambit Attack users only. Enchanted Items will be used by Spell Casters only. Weapons will be used by Gambit users, and Siege’s, you will want to focus on the Siege users first.

A Chart on where to find Item Drops:

Guide to the Different Types of Attacks:
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