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I. Character Creation


1. Choosing  Starting  Kingdom: Choosing a kingdom is the first step to begin your journey as a hero! From this point on, you can team up with other players in your kingdom and fight for the command  of the world (the fourth step will teach you how to lead troops into battle).
2. Character Creation: After naming your character, you can choose his or her personality type. There are five personalities based on four attributes: Power, Leadership, Intellect, and Politics.

Balanced: All stats increase equally when leveling up, allowing your character to develop in any direction you choose.

Courageous: Power increases faster.

Charismatic: Leadership increases faster.


Wise: Intellect increases faster.

Shrewd: Politics increases faster.

II. Establish a Manor


The makeup of a Manor: Every Manor comes with a Citadel already built [1], resource lots [2 right], flat land [3], and purchasable lots that can be unlocked with gold [2 left].

1) Upgrade Citadel: The Citadel is the main building of your Manor, and your Manor's development is limited by the level of your Citadel. The higher your Citadel's level, the shorter your construction times will be. So the first step after creating a Manor is to upgrade your Citadel. If you have a construction time of under 5 minutes, you can take advantage of the free Speed Up feature, so you should upgrade the Citadel to Level 5 as quickly as possible.

2)Resource Lot: Different resource lots have different recommended structures. Building the recommended structure on a resource lot will boost its output by 100%, so building recommended structures on resource lots is ideal.

3)Flat Land: You can place any structure on flat land, but it's best used for military buildings, Training Grounds, Residences, Warehouses, and Granaries.

* The Residence is your primary source of silver. If you want to earn money, build residences!

* Recommendations for your main city: Build 2 or 3 military buildings, a Training Ground, 2 Warehouses, and a Granary on flat land. Build resources or residences on the other lots.

* You should have three Level 2 cities focused on silver production near your main city. Build Residences on all flat land lots except one, on which you should build a Warehouse.

* Other cities: On the world map, you can see a city's information when you mouse over it. You should establish your Manors according to the city’s special features. For example, if the city's feature is "Wood," you should build Lumber Yards on all lots except for your resource lots and Warehouses. Front-line cities can follow the model of the main city; their primary function is to recruit soldiers.

Sample main city:


III. Elite Units and Legendary Heroes

Recruitment (recruit Heroes in city Tavern):


1. Enter the tavern: In the Manor view, click the City button in the upper right-hand corner, which will take you to the Tavern interface above. Each day you have ten chances to Offer a Toast for ten Silver to refresh the Hero list. The heroes with yellow names are Epic Heroes.
2. Recruit heroes: Spending Gold will increase the probability of meeting Legendary Heroes such as Lu Bu, Lu Yao, Zhang Fei, Guan Yu and so on. Who will be the luckiest one to recruit them? Let's wait and see.
3. View heroes: You can click the hero's name to view heroes. Of course the higher Basic Stats and Growth Rate make heroes better as well.

Elite troops and valiant heroes:

All valiant heroes have their unique Specialties. Once the Specialty is used, great damage can be done!

IV. Fight the enemy bravely



Rally troops:


1. Entering the manor, you can find the Rally Troops button on the bottom of the upper right window and click it.

2. After choosing a Hero, you will move to the Rally Troops interface. Here you can choose the unit type and formation type for your Hero to command.

3. The number of soldiers must be assigned. You can input the number you want on the left, or you can drag the slider to choose the right number. Don't forget to bring enough Food! It will consume a certain amount of food in each battle and once a Troop runs out of provisions, they will be unable to participate in battle.

4. You can also set combat strategies from the Rally Troop interface. Don't look down upon the combat strategies for that sometimes a good strategy may make a difference in the outcome of a battle.

Recommended Tactic:

Offense tactic: First choose to attack the largest troop size and strike out the Attack enemies within range option.
Defense tactic: First choose to attack the largest troop size. For archers, click the Defend inner city option while for cavalries strike out the Attack enemies within range option and for infantries it depends on situations.

Deploy and combat:


1. Click on the target city from the world map and you will see the options in box-1 above the picture. Then click the Deploy here button.

2. Choose which Hero to deploy from the Deployment menu.

3. Longest march time: it is the time when troops arrive at the city. The ignition time that we usually speak is the longest march time here. If you miss the ignition time, you can make up for lost time by using the 30% Faster March Time function and if you can't stay in front of the computer when deploying, it's really convenient for you to use the Arrive Exactly function to set the arrival time of your troops.

4. If the three steps described above are ready, the troops can be deployed.

Kingdom Battle:


The call of war beckons now. Come join us in Clash of Kingdoms!

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do this new server 17 have throw a gala?

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of cos .........^^
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i still dont get it..

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how to join the attack? i to attack the city or other?

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very dificult , but i must try be master

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You join an attack by following premier orders or info on group chats.  When  a time is settled on, it always goes by server time so it eleminates any confusion.  Deploy your troops to arrive at that time.  You can also use coupons to arrive at exact time.  Wooden tokens allow you to arrive at exact time for 24 hours......

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How cant i Get gold legendary hero,,,?????

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2. Recruit heroes: Spending Gold will increase the probability of meeting Legendary Heroes such as Lu Bu, Lu Yao, Zhang Fei, Guan Yu and so on. Who will be the luckiest one to recruit them? Let's wait and see.

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