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[Game Strategy] guide about silver acquisition from s1 XuXao [Copy this link to quote]

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Server: S1
Character Name: XuXao
Game Strategy: As on of the richest player in S1 (or the richest ?   , I'll make a simple but optimal guide about silver acquisition.
First at all : The aim.
Why reach 100 000 silver/hour ?

- It allow you to max your techs much more quickly than others.  (In S1, I maxed all my techs 2 weeks ago). You'll then have your Tier 5 unit before everybody, and your units will all have +40% atk/def, making them far more powerful than others'.

- It allow you to make your heroes work everyday. There's not point when they already are lvl 30, except than City point is used in the calcul than make the ranking.  Be the richest, be the player at the top of the ranking !   

- Basic land use in silver manors :
In order to have the optimal progression, I think you should first have 1 ressource of each type lvl 8, then start building the residences. Try to keep your ressources 3 lvl higher than the residences. You also need to have the warehouse and the granary at the same lvl than the ressources. There's no real need to lvl up your citadel.
In those manors, the max lvl for residence is 15.
Following those basic advices, you'll have a hourly output of 9401 silver, or 10507 in a +20% manor.

Why not to trash out the ressources, and keep only the warehouse/granary and use carriers to bring ressources from another manor ?
-> Because you'll already have maxed out every single tech before you have finished the 4 additionnal residences. But the difference isn't that big, and it severe your manor long-term utily.

So I have my residences maxed. What should I do next ?
-> Max out your warehouse and granary !  For them, the max lvl is 20.  Reaching it isn't really useful. 18 or 19 will be enough.

Ok, but what about your capital ?  
That's up to you !  you have 2 real options : Get and spend gold to unlock the lots, or not do it.
- If you don't want/can't unlock the lots, you don't really have any utily for your kingdom. Be sure your premier won't like you !
- If you unlock the lots, you can use them to build ressources. Be sure not to build 5 but only 4 refineries. With the other open lots, you'll be able to build warehouses and barracks, and use carriers.
You could build residences, but that wouldn't be a good choice. You'd be as useless as if you didn't unlock the lots.

What I do now :
I still have my silver manors.  I don't have any single ressource of unit manor. But I didn't want them to be useless. So I recruited a unit of 1000 carriers rallied by transport hero. I use him every day to bring all the ressources from all my manors to my capital, where my 8 lvl 20 barracks are recruiting T3 and T4 non-stop, 24/24.
So I can :
- Finally be useful to my kingdom, since I recruit a a lot of good units boosted by my research. (remember, +40% atk/def).
- Be at the top of the ranking.  ;)
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